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When I was deployed to Afghanistan with the Army, there were a lot of nights when I felt scared. Among them were not the typical Thursday night. Here's the deal, Thursdays became "Shitty Movie Thursdays" and, with the help of my friends, we turned the average Thursday night into an absolute laugh fest.

Mystery Science Theater 3,000 could possibly be the most popular cult television show of all time (except for Dr. Who of course!!!). And it was most definitely the inspiration for SMT. The whole tradition started one night as I was working late with a couple of friends. We found ourselves with a large chunk of downtime and decided to pop in a random movie. We chose the 2008 remake of "It's Alive"...the cringe-worthy memories still haunt me!

I bet you remember this show!
I bet you remember this show!

After about ten minutes, everyone in the room was launching quick witted quips at screen as if we were Tom Servo and Crow hanging out with Mike Nelson on a spaceship. (If you didn't recognize that reference, you can leave now. Your services are no longer required)

But seriously though, the night transformed into our own episode of MST3K and brought a level of entertainment to a war zone that I never thought possible!

Within the week, and with several cheap DVD stores a short walk from the barracks, Shitty Movie Thursday was born!

So at this point, I'm sure you're asking yourself "why should I care?" Quite frankly, I don't know...I'm just hoping that my brief story might inspire you to bring some humor to the next time you have to sit through a terrible horror flick.

So find your friends and bring them along for some good old fashioned fun! Make fun of those crap-fests and laugh it out with your robot friends!


Tell me what you think, does Shitty Movie Thursday sound like fun?


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