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Although I am a big fan of both studios, I must admit that since the release of '' How to Train Your Dragon '' I've always had a preference for animated films that came out of the Dreamworks studio. Disney had an impeccable eye in each of his movie and although it was wonderfully animated, history never had much shake me.

Everything changed when I watched the last DVD release of Disney, which is Big Hero 6. I really enjoyed it. What a great achievement! This film has restored my love for Disney that I had when I was a child. And you, what do you think?

Being a big fan, you can see below some fanart I've made from my favorite movies of these two studios.

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My last fanart which is of course, to pay tribute to the latest release of Disney. I definitely could not choose between which of these three characters to draw so I decided to represent the three together. Making it my first fanart with three characters. In particular, I am attached to Tadashi.

My other fanart of Disney was of course Elsa from Frozen, I was mostly affected by the character in this film than the whole story. It was my second crush on a Disney movie.

My last fanart is obviously from the dreamworks movie titled: "How to Train Your Dragon 2" which made a wonderful tribute. Toothless is so cool!

Finally, my first fanart was from: "Rise of the Guardians". I really enjoyed this movie but especially the quarrels that took places between Easter Bunny and Jack Frost. That's why I decided to put this forward in my drawing.

I hope you enjoyed these movies as much as me!


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