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Spoiler Warning: If you have not seen the episode and you do not want to know what happens..Do Not Read Ahead!!

The new Flash episode "Out of Time" has go to be one of the most thrilling episodes to date. So much had happened in a 45 minute episode. So why don't we break it into chunks.

Marc and Clyde Marden

It was great to see the moment between Clyde and Marc just before the Particle Accelerator. They were brothers that truly cared for each other. You definitely start to have a little bit of an emotional connection to them. Back can you really blame Marc for wanting to find out who killed his brother. Also, i believe it made for a great through line for the episode.

For those who don't know, Marc is the original Weather Wizard from the comics. And there were a couple of differences from the comic version and the show adaptation. But as always, it made for great television.

Dr. Wells

We finally get a look at the mysterious Dr. Wells. For weeks, we have tried to peg if he was Hunter Zolomon or Eobard Thawn. And this week, we finally get our answer. The Dr. Wells reveal of himself being Eobard Thawne was one that was not expect to happen right away. Regardless of if it was suppose to happen now or later is now, it was certainly shocking at the result of costing Cisco's life.

Now we know that Dr. Wells meant to kill Barry. The next question to ask would be why? But, i guess we will just have to wait and see.

Time Travel

So we finally get to see a gimps of the much talked about time travel for the last couple of weeks. Near the beginning of the episode, we see Barry running and he seems to see another image of himself. Later we figure out, what seems to be that he has gone back in time about a day or two. That opens up so many questions. But my biggest question for right now is, what will he do with the information that he has now? And how will that effect the time line going forward?

Overall, this was an extremely solid episode. The SFX was great as always. I would have to say personally, the sense between Cisco and Dr. Wells had to be my favorite in this episode. The emotion captured was just incredible. Now that time travel is in play, it is definitely a way to keep people guessing as to what will happen and coming back for more.


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