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Okay, I am role playing again. I am going to imagine that I am the casting director for Marvel and I am now in charge of re-casting all of the Avengers. I would love to go with all “A-listers”, but my budget will not allow that. If we are re-casting The Avengers, than the first movie has already taken place as well as the solo films. That means fans know and love these characters. Merely casting a replacement actor would anger fans. They would instantly be compared to the original incarnation. They would be labeled a “rip off” if they tried to imitate what the original actor portrayed. When re-casting a role, the new actor should bring something new to the character and the new incarnation should differ from the original. Since I am going to make this as real as possible, I also have to take into account the other “universes”. That means no actors who are currently with Fox or DC. Former Sony actors are off the hook and available since Sony is in the process of rebooting their “universe”. Avengers assemble!

Tony Stark/Iron Man = Chris Pine

Notable Roles: Star Trek franchise, Into the Woods, Horrible Bosses 2, Unstoppable

What He Brings To The Table: Tony Stark has always been a ladies man, but he has done so with his charm and wit. I want this Tony Stark to be more smooth and suave. Chris Pine is perfect at playing the heartthrob. He has some action experience and his comedy chops are more than up to par, so bringing him on board would be a home run.

Thor = Emily Blunt

Notable Roles: Edge of Tomorrow, Into the Woods, Looper, The Devil Wears Prada

What She Brings To The Table: Currently, Thor is a female in the comics, so I am going to cast accordingly. Fans have been championing Emily Blunt for Captain Marvel, but I believe she would make a great Thor. She is a fantastic actress who has proven she can hold her own in action movies. She also has a great presence when she is on screen, so she will be believable as Asgardian royalty.

Sam Wilson/Captain America = Nate Parker

Notable Roles: Beyond the Lights, Non-Stop, Red Tails, The Great Debaters

What He Brings To The Table: Currently, Sam Wilson aka Falcon is Captain America in the comics, so I am going to cast accordingly. Nate Parker may not be a household name, but he is a quality actor. He just needs his big break. This role could do it for him. Marvel has been known to give lesser known actors a chance and this casting would be a slam dunk.

Black Widow = Jessica Biel

Notable Roles: Total Recall, The A-Team, Blade: Trinity, Texas Chainsaw Massacre

What She Brings To The Table: Jessica Biel is another actress who has not broken out yet. She would be a great fit for the role of Black Widow nonetheless. She is gorgeous and athletic. She has also been a part of big blockbuster movies in the past. The current Black Widow has done a lot of practical espionage work. Jessica Biel could really play up the sexy spy part well.

Bruce Banner/Hulk = Jake Gyllenhaal

Notable Roles: Nightcrawler, Enemy, Prisoners, End of Watch

What He Brings To The Table: Jake Gyllenhaal may not seem like the traditional Bruce Banner type, but it is never a mistake to recruit talented actors. He would be the most talented actor of these Avengers and bring some legitimacy to the movie. There is no doubt in my mind he could pull off the role of Bruce Banner. Having his star power also helps.

Hawkeye = Zac Efron

Notable Roles: Neighbors, Parkland, The Paperboy, High School Musical

What He Brings To The Table: This may be even more controversial than my Thor and Captain America pick. People either love or hate Zac Efron. He is a polarizing actor. Make no mistake though. He can act. A lot of fans have wanted him to play Nova, but I think he would make for a good Hawkeye. He could make the character more easy going and fun loving.

Nick Fury = Morris Chestnut

Notable Roles: Kick-Ass franchise, The Best Man franchise, The Call, Identity Thief

What He Brings To The Table: The current Nick Fury is in his 60s. Some youth is needed for this role. Morris Chestnut is in his 40s and in great shape. He could play the newly promoted director of S.H.I.E.L.D. He is a great actor with a physical presence. The Avengers would surely follow him into battle.


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