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Inevitably, despite the chemistry of the current Avengers cast, like the roster in the comics, the names much change as The MCU gets older. So let's not beat around the bush here, because, for any comic fan...this is a very hard thing to do, particularly when there's prizes on the line :). Let's get down to business.

Iron Man

Robert Downey Junior is an actor whose act is very, VERY hard to follow. His performances of Chaplin, Sherlock Holmes, and of course the Iron Avenger, are etched upon viewers' minds everywhere. RDJ played Stark as a ( use his words...) "volatile, self-obsessed, genius-millionaire-playboy-philanthropist who doesn't play well with others". And, a great deal of people who watched all his performances in the three Iron Man films and The Avengers, absolutely ate him up as Tony Stark. And the best thing about RDJ's performance? RDJ and Tony became the EXACT SAME PERSON. That's dedication people, one day we will see a press conference in which RDJ says only one thing...

Gonna happen :)
Gonna happen :)

To follow him, there's only one logical way to go.

Joseph Fiennes

The Beard though
The Beard though

Yes, there are other actors who many would people like to step into Tony Stark's iconic American role. So to prove my point, consider this. Firstly, the direction the MCU is going in. Tony Stark does a complete 180. His beliefs, personalities, and methods change completely from the playboy he was in the first Iron Man film. He becomes guilty, reclusive, and almost automatic in living and making decisions through the rest of his life. Somebody like Tom Cruise or James Franco couldn't do that. Fiennes can not only bring this new side of Tony to the screen, but he can still show us glimpses into the Tony we once loved. Secondly, like RDJ, Fiennes is one of those actors who can chew the scenery but not overact. You can't take your eyes off him whenever he's on screen, and that's what Tony Stark ALWAYS needs to do, whether he depressed beyond imagination or completely immersed in his own genius. Get him back on screen Mr. Feige, Fiennes is your guy for the new Iron Man.


I'll be the first person to tell you that picking Chris Hemsworth for Thor is probably the most perfect casting choice throughout the MCU. He's a strong, fearless, impetuous, regal hero, who is just a bit rash. Despite this, Thor's not the most developed character in the MCU. His motives are clear, his morals are clear, and his movies focus mainly on those he interacts with, Loki, Odin, and on Earth, Jane, Dr. Selvig, and the others. That's what made those films good, how the thunder God is perceived by others. To get a better look at who Thor is inside, we'd need a new actor anyway. As it turns out though, the hammer doesn't far from the tree.

Alexander Skarsgard

Not a villain as depicted here
Not a villain as depicted here

The next man worthy to wield Mjolnir is none other Dr. Erik Selvig's son, Alexander Skarsgard. Aside from the fact that he's a Scandinavian himself, not an Aussie (it's small but yes it helps), he's a more introspective actor. No offense to Hemsworth, but Alexander's more expressive with his face. With Skarsgard, we'd see a lot more of what's going on in the head of the Thunder God. Hemsworth was the Asgardian Knight. Skarsgard can be The Asgardian King, which is what logically we'd want to see after Thor leaves Earth in Avengers 2. A more pensive, calculating, universe-savvy hero, whose now been to the ends of the nine realms and back. If it's not Hemsworth, Skarsgard can do the job.

Captain America

Now recasting the Sentinel of Liberty is tricky, because the writing's on the wall for Steve Rodgers. We will more than likely see Chris Evans bite the bullet at the end of Civil War. So if we're aiming for solid connectivity with the current MCU, we won't see him again until The Infinity War. So, to fill his Evans' shoes, I recommend one of the Beach Boys.

Paul Dano

Look at that face.
Look at that face.

I'm giving this part to Dano for three reasons. First, his body of work. In comparison to Chris Evans' mostly comedic/superheroic acting career to this date, Dano's got a bit more Drama under his belt. His work in Looper, Prisoners, and 12 Years a Slave is a good indicator of what we could see with Paul Dano's Captain America, and how he fits into the constantly darkening MCU. Dano could hold his own in Civil War. He's of course a great warrior, but we'd also be able to see the struggle going on in Cap's head, having to go against the country he loves in the name of what he believes in. And lastly, aside from maybe a bit of bulking up that'd have to be done, he cuts an almost perfect resemblence to Steve Rodgers in the comics. He's basically Steve incarnate, all you got to do is give him some muscle (through steroids or otherwise) and you can turn him into a super soldier.


Jeremy Renner got shafted in The First Avengers film. He deserved a bit more of good guy screen time then he got. So hopefully, if he's recast, Marvel will fix the problem, even after Avengers 2 and Civil War. Yes Clint Barton is a circus performer but he's also a veteran, no nonsense, shield agent. Granted my choices have a been a bit unconventional so far, but this one might not surprise you that much.

Stephen Amell

He's proven already that he can play DC's version of Hawkeye to perfection, or perfection enough for everyone to want him in the JLA movie. Since we haven't seen Hawkeye's backstory, we could see a bit of Barton's circus days. And if there's a man who can play a chip-on-the-shoulder type whose trying to change because of a tragic past, Amell's the man for the job. He's cold, badass, but can wisecrack a good deal to get some laughs too. That's Hawkeye in a nutshell, the man's got it down. Not to mention he's more than likely already an AMAZING shot with a bow, so he's got a leg up there.

Black Widow

Scarlett Johansson is one of the most beautiful and talented women in this world. To top her would be very hard to do. The girl who does top her may already have had a character in the MCU. She was an assassin, tough, savvy, stealthy, and skilled. Nebula's also very dead thanks to Zoe Saldana letting her fall off a spaceship. So since she's freed up now, and Chris Evans already proved you can switch characters with Marvel and no one would care, our new black widow is Amy Pond.

Karen Gillan

Karen Gillan has proven herself as an incredible actress. She kicked a lot of buttocks in Doctor Who. She's held her own against some nasty horrific things in Oculus and even the Salem Witch Trials in a new show on HBO called The Devil You Know. She's actually had a very similar body of work with Scarlett Johansson. She's tough, beautiful, and an extremely talented human being. She so good that she could maybe even give Black Widow a Russian accent, because she's a KGB agent if you recall. Give her a chance with Black Widow, she could be fantastic. Not to mention, she, like Dano, does look the part extremely well don't you think?

We'll end with the big green wrecking machine.

The Hulk

Bruce Banner has already been recast 3 times, so we'll see if we can't pick somebody who will stay for good. We need a brilliant, noble, but tortured man to play Banner. And as such, give the job to Spock.

Zachary Quinto

With the Tesla Hair
With the Tesla Hair

Quinto's roles in American Horror Story, and the JJ Abrams Star Trek films show that he's got the smarts down, he's got the loner down, but what sells Quinto for me is his ability to give a performance in which he's got chemistry with the other members of his cast, but his character does not need, or does not want to use it for him to work. Mark Ruffallo's got that down and that's why he fit so well as the Hulk in The Avengers. He trusts no one, he's his own man, but he still works well with the other members of the team. Quinto will be able to handle that easily. Plus, thanks to Heroes, he's no stranger to a Superhero Universe. SPOCK SMASH!!!!!....sorry for that.

Bonus- Nick Fury

Now I know what you're thinking, Samuel L. Jackson is love, Samuel L. Jackson is life. I would agree, but as long as we're recasting the Marvel Universe let's give the original Nick Fury a shot. He was a stubble-sporting, cigar-smoking, wise-cracking hero of World War II. To put him in our Cinematic Universe, just to be safe, let's say Vietnam War instead. As for that classic soldier archetype, with the cigar and the manly beard, there's a man whose done it before, and, given the fact that he's got the infinity formula going for him, its safe to say he'd old enough by now. So ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for the great Snake Plissken...

Kurt Russell

From Escape From New York (1984)
From Escape From New York (1984)

Snake Plissken is basically all the proof you need for Kurt's birth for the purpose of playing Nick Fury at any age. He could have been Sgt Fury in the 80s. He could have beaten David Hasselhoff for the part in that awful TV movie in the 90s. But the man is still plenty spry enough to play an old soldier and a spy. He's just as good an actor as Jackson and equally as cool and kickass as Jules Whitefield in Pulp Fiction. If we're losing Jackson, give Russell a chance! Let the man do what he does best!

Hope you enjoyed this alternate and unconventional cast of The Avengers. I'll certainly be doing more of these in the future, so stay tuned for more what if casts and other great-quality material. Shoot me a follow if you like what i wrote.

Thanks a lot for reading.


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