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Yes, its another fan-casting, but damn it I'm good at this shit. Trust me! And if it was entirely obvious up until this point, yes, I am an epic Bat-Fan.. so here we go again with a few more choice names whom I believe could have (or in some case would've, where certain other character may have been cast already). No Joker this time, I promise!

So, let me start off by saying, I am quite happy with the actor chosen to portray the loyal butler of the Wayne family, Jeremy Irons was one of the first names I threw up in speaking to fellow geeks prior to the annulment, his name was second to all but one for me, and that one is none other than...

Sir Sean Connery

Thish former Bond, (Jamesh Bond that is..) with hish unique acting shtyle.. (Ok, I'll shtop that now...) would make the perfect combination of the honest and strong-willed father figure, dedicated guardian of Bruce Wayne and protector of Batman's deepest secrets...

Plush wouldn't be awshome to shee him shaying shtuff like thish on shcene.?!

C'mon you see how it would be awesome too! Don't deny it!

Anyway.. Onto the next, this one was a difficult decision so I'll just throw them all out there and see what you guys have to say afterwards.. Next up!

Commissioner James Gordon

First up, everyone first choice at the current time (I'm just guessing because it would be excellent!) seems to be this man we all know and love...!

Brian Cranston 4 Coms. Jim Gordon
Brian Cranston 4 Coms. Jim Gordon

And you can really see why, and if you cannot, you need to watch Breaking Badly, motherf***er! Seriously get on that sh*t! This guy has everything any Good Gordon needs, age, wisdom, experience and let us never forget HE is the ONE Who Knocks...! Unlike our next contestant, who if you're familar with Shameless USA at, you'll be quite aware he never knocks... Hey Kids, It's Frank Gallagher!

William H. Macy
William H. Macy

Or is it? A proven genius at what he does going from trying to get his wife killed in Fargo to the Floor of the Gallagher home and everywhere in between he had us entertained. Anyone remember Mystery Men? Plus he can grow a great stash!

And third and last, and most least likely, a great film veteran, a true master man!

Mr. Harvey "The Wolf" Keitel

Sure, he's in his 70s but I'm willing to bet he'd still kick arse and the Bat's back up guy.. and being who he is chances are some older generations of film goers who don't get out and into these super movies might give is more of a shot if if has a guy they all remember from way back in the day... But like I say, I'm sure Old Jim will be getting up to some heavy stuff in these movies, unless they're planning on going full out with the Frank Miller thing in which case...

...Keitel couldn't fail. Here we see Jim aged in his 70's also featured in The Dark Knight Returns films.

Selina Kyle/Catwoman

Easy choice, there are a few could be suggest, Mila Kunis, Natalie Portman, Rosario Dawson.. All awesome choices mind you, but only one lady came my mind, and it was this one...


Eliza Dushku

She's Eliza Dushku.. Nuf said.

She just is Catwoman... And she also featured in Batman Year One playing the voice of Ms. Kyle (which Brian Cranston also co-starred in as Gordon). Nothing further your honour. Oh except this..

The Defence Rests!
The Defence Rests!

I also wanted to add that though I'm interested to see Marrot Robbie in Suicide Squad but I think we can all agree this would've been amazing too! NEXT!

The Riddler

Now again, many many great actors could certainly fill those purple shoes and green bowlers, but none other (in my humble opinion) than David Hyde Pierce, I've been saying it for years and I want it to happen! He's a good actor and has not only the look, the voice and intelligence but.. but.. He was on Fraiser!!!

Ok, gonna wrap this up now with a few not Batman characters... Here are a couple of (as yet) un-cast JLA members and maybe one or two already that I think could have been better choices.

#1. Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot, I have nothing against her, nor the terrible, terrible 7 Fast and Furious movies.. But c'mon she's a twig. Where are the curves? Where is the muscle? Now you wanna talk a Wonder Woman, lets talk Xena Warrior Princess! Let's talk Lara Croft. Personally I reckon the best choice would have been Angelina Jolie...

On the other hand you really can't go past Xena the God Damn Warrior Princess!

Can You Dig It?!
Can You Dig It?!

But truly, wouldn't this be magnificent to see..?! ..In 3D..?!

#2. The Flash

I've always said it, I will always say it, Neil Patrick Harris for The Flash! He's done the voice (more then once I'm pretty sure), he's been involved in other DC things for ages and he would just make an incredibly bad-ass Barry Allen.

#3. Green Lantern

The big one everyone wants to know, who will be our beloved Emerald Knight. Well I say it should be the one and only Captain Malcolm Reynolds!

He would just be outstanding, bringing a depth as well as humour and dignity to the role of Hal Jordan, unlike a certain guy who shall remain nameless until a certain Deadpool film redeems him... But just think about who awesome it would be to see Nate and NPH chilling\ out at homies in the JLA?

Anyway, that about wraps it up. Once again I take no credit for images. Leave comments and discuss. Be excellent to each other and adios amigos!


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