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Before we begin, I'd like to say thank you for the views I got from the last couple of posts. I could not predict such a large amount of views in such a short period of time. It is just amazing.

I'll be honest, this looked terrible when the trailer first came out. With the release of the pilot, I will admit this show has exceeded my expectations. Rose McIver portrays Olivia "Liv" Moore, she has her whole life ahead of her but has it ruined by a zombie outbreak.

Liv is a very sympathetic character, she has to let go of her entire life to protect the ones she loves, including her fiancé, Major. These problems show a different insight into what being a zombie would actually be like. I feel sorry for her and hope that she gets her life back on track.

Something I'm a bit on the fence about is the lack of scenes that show pre and post zombie. Although it is easy to assume everything that happens to her, I wouldn't mind seeing how she first joined the morgue, her descent into despair and her separation with Major.

Dr Ravi was a character I was particularly surprise by. In the trailers, he came off to me as another "Cisco" type character but he turns out to be an interesting and nice character. Especially when it is revealed that he is trying to cure Liv. The cure sounds like series finale stuff or might even never happen.

Detective Clive Babineaux is also interesting. I don't really like that he is being kept in the dark about this. I assume it will take a few episodes for him to find out so I can put up with it for the time being.

Liv must solve the murder of a prostitute by eating her brains so she can extract her memories. Not something you just say everyday. I'm not watching more crime shows than I'd like to. I am interested in the genre and I appreciate the development of the case. Even when Liv sees flashes of the memories, she just doesn't see everything and so she has to put the pieces together. When she chased that car it was very bad-ass and her going zombie was also cool.

When things finally seem to be coming around, Liv sees a flash of Blaine, the man who infected her still alive and an evil zombie. Liv thought she was the only zombie and to us it was very obvious that she wasn't. We don't know much about Blaine yet but I feel he is going to make a great nemesis.

All in all, the pilot of iZombie was surprisingly entertaining. It blends horror, crime and the superhero genre very well and I am glad to say I will be watching more of this show.


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