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He's a mean motherfuck*r!
Fluffy Duckerman

After a month long hiatus, The Flash returns. And sweet mother of god, this episode was awesome! It was better than I could ever have imagined! Major! Major! Major Spoilers lie ahead, you have been warned.

The episode starts off with the origin of the Weather Wizards. Clyde kills Joe's partner and the Mardons get away on a plane where they collide with a certain storm. I didn't feel this scene was entirely necessary but it was interesting to see the two Weather Wizards together.

Barry and Linda go on a date at a bowling alley where they just happen to cross paths with Iris and Eddie. It is clear that Barry and Iris are flirting and like I said before, Eddie don't like it! After a weather related accident at the morgue, Barry and Eddie head over to the crime scene with Eddie giving Iris a cold goodbye. This scene was shorter than I though it would be but it is setting up something bigger.

On Barry's run, he comes across a second Flash. I immediately knew this meant time travel, the name of the episode has "time" in it, of course there would be time travel. This also means the next episode "Rogue Time" will be featuring time travel. I have been looking forward to this element to the show that they have been teasing for a while and it's finally paying off.

They police and Barry arrive at the morgue where they find out the murderer is Mark Mardon. He is after Joe for killing his brother, Clyde. For extra precautions, Cisco builds a magic wand as I'm calling it that stops Weather Wizard's powers. Of course this doesn't work when Mark shows up at the precinct and puts Captain Singh in a coma.

Iris' boss, Mason confronts Barry about Harrison's suspicious behaviour. When Barry tells Cisco about it, it motivates him to do some investigating. Cisco gets Caitlyn to get Harrison out of Star Labs so he can do some snooping. It just gets better and better. We'll get to this later.

Joe goes solo and heads to an abandoned building to track down Mardon only to be knocked unconscious and kidnapped. Mark wakes him up on the waterfront in full view of Central City where he forms tsunami to destroy the city. Barry and Iris arrive to stop him, the two realise they love each other and kiss. Score! High-five Barry! He finally reveals himself as the Flash and is told by Caitlyn to run fast across the shore to build a barrier between Central City and the tsunami. This doesn't work but gives Barry the next best thing, a trip to the past. Next episode is going to be fun when the show goes into full on time travel. This might mean that Iris won't know Barry's identity and their kiss won't happen. No! But time travel, I'm so conflicted.

Now for the greatest twist ever! Cisco arrives at the containment field where the Reverse-Flash was and discovers that the Reverse-Flash was nothing more than a mere hologram. Harrison escapes Caitlyn's ploy and reveals himself to Cisco. He says that his real name is Eobard Thawne, a distant relative of Eddie Thawne and that he is from the future trying to get back to his time by using Barry. He got stuck when he attempted to kill Barry but killed Nora instead. Eobard confesses his admiration of Cisco who is now in tears as Eobard shoves his hand through Cisco's chest and kills him! Can Barry's time travel save Cisco? Well the trailers say yes so why not.

This is the best Flash episode ever! It was totally worth the wait and I am really looking forward to the next episode. The Eobard Thawne reveal was something I didn't quite see coming, I always thought he was more like Hunter Zolomon. The time travel cliffhanger sets up something brilliant and I'm happy that Barry and Iris is moving forward. Great episode.


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