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I'm a comic book fan who can't read comics, I try my best to keep up with the storylines, and managed to get a couple of awsome comics too.

OK, so we all know the speed force is coming to "The Flash" T.V show, so I decided to write this article about, not everything, but everything you need to know about the speed force, especially its relation to time travelling since we're having Reverse Flash in the mix:

1-Reverse Flash

The Reverse Flash, or Professor Zoom, has been an enemy of The Flash since 1963, although there have been many people who became the reverse flash, we will only address two of them here, the ones most likely to be seen.

A- Eobard Thawn

this guy
this guy

He is a citizen of the 25th century, a huge fan of the original flash Berry Allen, he decided to replicate the experiment that gave the flash his powers, and that actually worked (instead of killing him like its supposed to, how does everyone do this?), and in his obsession f berry Allen he went through plastic surgery to even look like him, after that he used the cosmic treadmill, a time travelling device, to go into the past and meet berry Allen of course when he came to the past berry Allen (spoiler for whoever hasn't read crisis on infinite earths) was presumably dead, (spoiler for whoever hasn't read the flash rebirth) he actually wasn't, he was just trapped in the speed force, so he became the flash of that time and since wally west was the current flash, everyone thought berry Allen was back, soon to be revealed by his own actions, the speedsters of the present took him out and sent him back to the future, in his anger he saw that taking the mantle of the flash caused him to be beaten up and stuff like that, so he saw that berry had betrayed him, and since he could no longer use the cosmic treadmill (long story) he hated the flash family and all that relate to berry Allen he also becomes a villain at his current time using his powers, but when he finds a time capsule with the flash costume in it, it somehow improves his powers making him gain more energy than ever, and he also learned that he accidentally made the negative speed force (will talk about that later), he uses it to go balk to the our current time.

after that his next appearance is in the flash rebirth as he is partly responsible for the return of berry Allen, and when he realizes he can finally avenge his dignity against berry Allen (I forgot to mention that all the time travelling and the beating he got from the flash family caused him to go a little crazy, not to mention that he was trapped in the speed force for about fifty years, fifty years), so he goes back and kills his mother and blah blah blah, lots of other story lines, but that is his main origin.

B- Hunter zolomon

sorry, couldn't find a better picture
sorry, couldn't find a better picture

He moved into Keystone city (the one the wally west flash is responsible of protecting) due to tragic events in his past life, some of which include his father turning out to be a serial killer, killing Hunter's mother in the process before being killed himself, also Hunter accidentally killing his wife's father, Hunter losing his job from the FBI, and finally, his wife leaving him.

He got a job at the police department in the metahuman profiling division, in a position which allowed him to meet Wally West several times, and his life went on.

One day though, Hunter was seriously injured in a prison break, an injury which left him paralyzed from the waste down, he lost the use of his legs, adding one extra tragedy to his long list of misery, in his desperation to get back up on his feet, he asked Wally West to use the cosmic treadmill (which was located in the flash museum at the time) to go back and stop this tragedy, but West refuses due to the unpredictable nature of time travelling, which resulted in Hunter going to the museum himself to try and time travel, of course he failed and caused a major explosion, resulting in him being merged with time or something like that from the cosmic treadmill, granting him the ability to manipulate the kinetic energy of his body (or in other words, he became fast).

Something really cool about this guy is that, after gaining his powers, we can't decide if he kept his sanity or not, you see he wanted to help Wally West become a better hero, sounds good enough right? well, the way he saw doing it was to cause personal tragedy to him so he can feel the pain Hunter felt when he refused his wish, so he became a villain, and went so far to almost killing Wally West's wife, Linda Park.

He was so fast that when the flash fought him, he had to borrow the other speedsters powers in order to reach the speed of Hunter, who took the name of Professor Zoom.

How these two will work into the T.V show

we already know we'll be seeing The Reverse Flash in the show, and in my opinion we are seeing Eobard Thawn, you know, since he can FREAKING TIME TRAVEL, but the reason I put Hunter Zolomon in here is because he is handicapped, just like Harrison Wells, you never know, he may be using a fake ID or something, but in all honesty he is more likely to be Eobard, still though, Hunter does have an interesting story, here's hoping for dimension travelling and seeing both (now that's a long shot).

await my next article about the speed force, I'm not going to cram everything I have into one article. (my first one by the way).


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