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Hollywood continues to drive its stake through the heart of originality with news that beloved horror film, Let The Right One In is being adapted for the small screen. Having already been remade into an English-speaking (and surprisingly good) film from Matt Reeves, as well as two stage productions that probably saw the audience leave with a lot of red on them, A&E has now sunk their teeth into the rights for a television series and already has a creative team in place.

Word from The Hollywood Reporter is that Brandon Boyce will be hard at work to deliver a new take on the story that follows a young boy named Oskar, who buddies up with Eli, a girl who movies in to the apartment next door. After a few brief encounters, and growing disappearances, Oskar uncovers the truth that Eli is in fact a vampire, testing their friendship and casting a blood-soaked shadow over the town in the process.

The original is a wonderfully claret-coated coming of age film that was littered with some truly unsettling moments, adding further proof that some of the best scares of late have been the ones with subtitles. As for the TV show, it could split folks down the middle...

Let’s face it, any remake nowadays gets a welcome similar to a nettle bush rubbed across your nether regions, but Let Me In, the English-speaking take of the original film was an exception to the rule. Also, when you consider the likes of Bates Motel and Fargo, there’s proof that stories going from the big screen to the small can work out after all. Who knows? This could be worth a watch.

Currently there are no cast members in place to take the parts and no dates for production or release either. For now we can only sit and wait and see if this is worth letting in or not.

What say you, though? Would you be interested to see little girl vampires cause carnage once a week? If so, throw some thoughts on the matter below.


Would you watch a 'Let the Right One In' TV series?


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