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What has already been done to an expert and highly entertaining degree in an episode of Futurama, is now being tweaked and twisted for cinematic purposes in the new movie, Pixels, which has just released a brand new trailer.

The film sees an alien race use classic arcade game characters to destroy our planet, after they misinterpret a video feed from Earth showing said icons as a declaration of war. Now a small group of gamers must face off against the likes of Donkey Kong and Pac-Man, in order to save the planet or it’s GAME OVER for all of humanity.

Adapted from a short film made by Patrick Jean, Pixels is directed by Chris Columbus (good), and written by Role Models scribe Timothy Downling (nice). It stars Adam Sandler (oh no), Kevin James (nah, you lost me), Peter Dinklage and Josh Gad as the aforementioned gamers, with Michelle Monaghan as the military weapons specialist who kits the team up.

Pausing on the Sandler slaying for a moment, it can’t be denied that the film does look awful pretty at times, with the neon glow of Pac-Man lighting up city streets right before it Tron-ifies a fire truck. It’s also worth noting that seeing the creator of that maze-inhabiting marble meet his maker, Tōru Iwatani, is also a nice touch. Try not to smirk when father and son are reunited, I dare you.

Should you be wanting to get more jollies from your joystick, there’s also a recently revealed game linked to Pixels, ‘DojoQuest’ which will play a key factor in the storyline. You can download it here for your iPhone or Android phone, and take control of the lethal Lady Lisa (who will be played by Ashley Benson in the film) to pass the time. That may tide you over before Pixels arrives in cinemas July 24.


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