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It's such a shame there just don't seem to be as many rude words in children's books these days. People are no longer called Dick and everyone is just far too aware of what they say. But, even modern books can have their slip-ups, as you'll see.

And now there is the joy of the internet to spread the social faux-pas and the downright hilarity of these children's books.


1. Baby is in for a bit of a shock...

2. Parents should check past criminal convictions before letting someone teach their children

3. What kind of Scouts are these?!

4. Is this the inspiration for Freddy Krueger?!

5. Can't say I've ever had a similar problem...

6. So they're buying ham from the butcher and the butcher happens to be a pig?!

7. No animals were injured? I hope all animals consented to what happened during the making of this comic cover...

8. Not so yummy treats

9. I don't even want to know how you play the other games

10. I don't think it's appropriate, or legal, to give a child a book of boners

11. Come on, we all know what it looks like...


13. There are no words....

14. Where is the logic?!

15. Mr. Rogers has some sort of calming medicine, obviously.

16. Teddy needs to leave the bathroom

17. Henry the drug dealer

18. This doesn't seem very Disney to me...

19. I don't think Dick should tell...

20. At least it's honest.

21. I'd rather not have a kiss thanks


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