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Are you taking Doomsday Preppers-level precautions to ensure that you outlive the zombie apocalypse? Is your house stocked with food rations and military-grade weaponry in anticipation of what's coming? Do you already have a safety plan for your family if one of you gets infected? If you answered "no" to any of these questions, you are underprepared for the inevitable.

But, even if you just have a cursory interest in this impending unnatural disaster, this website that tracks the spread of a zombie apocalypse is pretty fascinating. The interactive map, created by Cornell researcher Matt Bierbaum, allows you to alter the the kill to bite ration along with how much time it would take for a zombie to walk a mile. In other words, you can create your scenario to include the classic, slow-moving zombies from Night of the Living Dead or the game-changing, fast-moving zombies from 28 Days Later.

Check out how long you'd have to escape your hometown before things got REALLY dicey. We've charted what some of the contagious growth might look like in some of the largest US cities, and the results are not exactly uplifting.

New York, NY

As you can see, in under a week, one outbreak can lead to the mid-Atlantic states and part of New England being engulfed in pandemonium. If I were back home in Connecticut, I think I would just take to the sea and hope for the best. Though, if zombies figured out how to swim, I might need to rethink my plan.

Atlanta, GA

We had to give a nod to [The Walking Dead](series:201193) for this, so we experimented with the outbreak beginning in the Atlanta metropolitan area. You don't have very long to get out of the state, so you might just be better off trying to fight your way through and adopt a cynical outlook.

Chicago, IL

For some reason, the windy city seems to contain the virus a little better than some of the other cities. A week later, and there's still plenty of territory to flee toward, but sooner or later, you know it's going to catch up. Or, maybe residents can try to find safety in heights and hide out in the Willis Tower.

Unfortunately, for most cities on the West Coast, it becomes difficult to see the spread of the infection since there is a wider swath of darkness on that part of the map. Still, this interactive map should keep even the nonbelievers busy for a bit.

How would your hometown fare in a zombie apocalypse?


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