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There are few things in this world that satisfy quite like seeing some serious cuteness. The animators over at companies like Disney, Pixar, and Dreamworks are experts in manufacturing cuteness. Whether it's people in love, babies, animals, or baby animals, seeing characters do adorable things just makes my heart sit on the brink of explosion.

While many of us find it impossible to stop the "Awwww" from escaping our lips, some of you tough, stone-faced readers might just be able to make it through this post without emitting any sounds of cuteness appreciation or even a single smile. If you are so bold to accept our challenge, here are the rules:

1. So let's get cracking!

2. Does Snow White's bluebird make you squee?

3. How about Gus Gus reenacting my morning routine?

4. Maybe Charlotte's adorable excited dance will do the trick

5. Or a healthy dose of WALL-E and EVE love

6. If robot affection isn't your thing, how about puppy love?

7. Seeing a dragon fall for the dot trick is pretty adorable

8. So is the immediate bond between Hercules and Pegasus

9. Or the unlikely friendship of Todd and Copper

10. Same goes for Simba's tiny lion cub sneeze

11. Or Bambi's yawn and Thumper's curiosity

12. Pascal is not a fan of this look, but it's hard to deny how lovely he looks

13. Baby Tarzan would like your undivided attention

14. "How many cats can wear boots? Honestly?"

15. You know you want to say "Awww"

16. Isn't Dumbo's little trunk just so damn twee it hurts?

17. Are you tired of fighting the cuteness?

18. Are we wearing you down?

19. Maybe you should just give in

20. Just crack a small smile!

21. C'mon! You're hurting Stitch's feelings

22. Okay even if you didn't smile once, we can still be friends

23. Okay last one. Time to bring in the big guns...

Well, if the mix of adorableness and sadness of Up didn't get to you, then you are a much stronger person than I am.

If you cracked, which one did the trick? Let me know in the comments section!


Be honest, how did you do?


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