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We all know him as the Bruce Banner or The Incredible Hulk, but it wasn't all that long ago that a young Mark Ruffalo was fighting off another kind of attack on screens. Despite IMDB stating Mark Ruffalo started out in an episode of CBS Summer Playhouse in July 1989, thanks to Buzzfeed we've uncovered that the Hulk actually had other things in the pipeline prior to this, most notably an advertisement from Clearasil!

While Mark's complexion might be clear and blemish free now, back in the late '80s it was a different story for this up-and-comer, and it seems like it was only thanks to Clearasil Double Clear he has that gorgeous skin he has today. Check out an early-20s Mark Ruffalo as he double zaps his zits:

The Ruff found himself running but unable to hide from breakouts

Source: YouTube
Source: YouTube

But thanks to Clearasil he 'double zapped' them all away

Immediately the ladies flock to him!

Mark Ruffalo: Killing it with the ladies since ages ago!

Check out the whole thing here:

Now, while it might be easy to just single out The Hulk, he's certainly not the only Avenger with a long and interesting history in front of the cameras, check out a few more early appearances from some of our favorite Avengers:

Robert Downey, Jr. in Pound, 1970

Yep, that's an adorable 5-year-old Tony Stark asking if a bald dude has any hair on his balls. In fact, Pound was actually written by RDJ's father, Robert Downey, Sr.! The film is about 18 dogs, played by human actors, who are waiting to be adopted. Robert Downey, Jr. played a puppy - can you get any cuter than that?!

Scarlett Johansson auditions for Jumanji, 1993

Although Black Widow lost out on the role of Judy Shepherd in Jumanji to Kirsten Dunst, there's no denying that ScarJo was one cute 9-year-old!

Chris Hemsworth in Guinevere Jones, 2002

While I personally remember early Chris Hemsworth for his time on the Australian soap opera Home and Away, his career actually began with a small role on a series titled Guinevere Jones. Here he is in his blink-and-you'll-miss-it role as King Arthur - I have to say, I definitely think he suits the flowing golden locks of Thor best.

Chris Evans in Opposite Sex, 2000

I've saved the best for last! Before he was Steve Rogers a.k.a Captain America, Chris Evans was Cary Baston on Opposite Sex. Take a look as Evans rocks it in this drag rendition of "I Will Survive" (Evans is the lady in all pink).

Who is your favorite Avenger? Tell me below!

Source: Buzzfeed, The Guardian


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