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If you are in the mood to see something weird, you are in the right place. These face merges of some of the biggest celebrities out there right now are not only weird, but in some cases can be legitimately frightening.

These were put together by imgur user thearenaspectacular and they are absolutely hilarious. The gifs of the face merges talking are what got me the most.

Check them out - see if you can get through without smiling!

1. Anne Hathaway and Lord Voldemort

SHE Who Must Not Be Named is a lot scarier than the original You Know Who. I can't get over that mouth on that face! This one is coming in as arguably the most difficult to look at. A gorgeous Anne Hathaway completely loses her sex appeal with those Voldemort add-ons.

2. Taylor Swift and Harry Styles

Two of the biggest pop stars out right now make for an interesting face merge here. I mean, this one isn't even overly weird. I think it kind of works! Maybe this is what their androgynous son/daughter would look like?

3. Katy Perry and John Mayer

Okay, yeah, this one is pretty outrageous. Two attractive musicians face merged doesn't lead to beauty every time, apparently... that eye on the right also has a mind of its own. And the final product simply looks to be wasted or drunk, if you ask me!

4. Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus

This one seems like a no-brainer. Miley Cyrus has become ubiquitous in the music game, and her dad was a legend in his own right. The problem is, when you blend them together, things get weird pretty fast.

5. Julia Roberts and Ryan Seacrest

Here we've got an iconic actress in Julia Roberts and an iconic... guy who kind of just does everything. From TV to Radio to just showing up places, Ryan Seacrest seems like he's constantly in your grill. Together, they make up a truly weird person. That mouth situation is all kinds of crazy!

6. Tom Hanks and Zooey Deschanel

Being able to see Tom Hanks' mustache on Zooey Deschanel's face is pretty much the reason that the internet was invented, I think. This one is hilarious because the [New Girl](movie:781595) star looks so confidently kooky with Hanks' ridiculous mustache-mouth combination. Gold.

Which is best?


Which face merge is the funniest?

(Via: imgur)


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