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Alongside numerous religions that preach the existence of reincarnation, independent paranormal investigators have been fascinated with incidents of old souls passing into new bodies for centuries.

Even though many of these stories can never really be proven to be entirely true, some cases are incredibly bizarre. In particular, when young children, that do not have much previous knowledge or experience of the world around them, are involved.

Honestly, I do not know what to believe, but I recently heard a remarkable story about a boy called Ryan that both fascinated and shocked me in equal measure. Whether you believe it or not, you have to admit that this coincidence is very eerie indeed.

Do you think it may prove that reincarnation is real?

“I used to be somebody else”

At the age of 4, Ryan Hammons from Oklahoma began having vivid nightmares about things he couldn't explain or understand. Approaching his mother, he then made the strange claim that he used to be someone else.

In particular, he said he remembered being alive in the golden age of Hollywood during the '30s and '40s.

Appearing on the Today show, both discussed the extraordinary incident, with Cyndi Hammons expressing her shock at her son's revelation. She said:

“I grew up in a Baptist church, that’s not something we grew up to believe in. [But] his stories were so detailed and they were so extensive, that it just wasn’t like a child could have made it up.”

Was Ryan a reincarnation of Marty Martyn?

Initially the memories were incredibly fuzzy and the boy couldn't even remember the name from his previous life. However, his mother described how they then found a photograph that "changed everything."

Ryan with his mother Cyndi
Ryan with his mother Cyndi

Researching "Old Hollywood" Ryan pointed to a photo of Marty Martyn, claiming that he was this man in a past life. The image was taken from the making of Mae West's 1932 film Night After Night and showed a man who was an extra on set.

A child psychiatrist dug deeper

Naturally, Cyndi was stunned. Hiring a child psychiatrist to look into her son's bizarre claims about his former identity, with more probing, a flood of memories seemed to gradually come back to the young Ryan. It is claimed that he correctly recalled 55 different details from Martyn's life, including:

  • His two sisters
  • Trips to Paris
  • His five wives
  • Living on a street with the name "Rock" in it
  • Dancing on Broadway
  • Meeting actress Rita Hayworth

As well as correcting the fact that he died when he was 61-years-old instead of 59 as stated on his death certificate, he even admitted how much he missed an orange soda called "Tru-ade," discontinued 50 years ago.

"This information wasn't on the Internet"

The phenomenal story above is one of a few mentioned in Dr. Jim Tucker's book Return to Life: Extraordinary Cases of Children Who Remember Past Lives. Yet despite being confronted with cases such as this in the past, the psychiatrist claims that Ryan's is the most powerful he's encountered so far.

After investigating all of the boy's claims, he was shocked to find out it was all correct:

“This information wasn’t on the Internet!”

Indeed, Martyn did have a penchant for orange soda, he also lived on Roxbury Drive in Beverly Hills, had two sisters and did spend a considerable amount of time in Paris with his fifth wife.

"Ryan was right all along"

However, noting that the death certificate age did not match up with the one Ryan stated, Tucker was at first convinced that he had found a fault with the account. However, it was the psychiatrist that was wrong after consulting old census records:

"Since then, I’ve gotten information that the death certificate was incorrect, which would have made Marty Martyn 61 when he died. Ryan was right all along.”

Ryan even provided details about Martyn's family that even the man's own relatives did not know: The actor's daughter had grown up believing her father only had one sister, but the young boy claimed it was two. This finding was later confirmed.

Speaking of the incredible details uncovered about a previously relatively unknown man, Tucker concluded:

"If you look at a picture of a guy with no lines in a movie, and then tell me about his life, I don’t think many of us would have come up with Marty Martyn’s life. Yet Ryan provided many details that really did fit with his life."

Take a look at the Today show interview in full below:

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The psychiatrist has over 2,500 records of children who can "remember" details of their previous lives.

Speaking about his work, a collection of cases since 1961, the psychiatrist makes a plea for answers:

“These cases demand an explanation [...] We can’t just write them off or explain them away as some sort of normal cultural thing.”

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Do you believe Ryan's story?



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