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There are countless fan theories out there, ranging from the legitimate, to the downright bizarre. Yet, today I came across one that brought two of my favorite classic Disney movies together so I just had to share it with you guys.

Redditer Snedker23 has come up with quite an interesting idea that claims that Disney's Hercules and Aladdin are actually more closely linked than you might think. Bear in mind, it's just an idea but if this is true, then a fantastic little Easter Egg has just been discovered!

Without any further hesitation, dive right into the theory and see what you think:

"Go The Distance"

During the scene where Hercules sings the famous plea to the Gods to help him find where he truly belongs, before his adoptive parents inform him that they found him as a baby wearing the Symbol of the Gods, a very peculiar thing happens.

As he climbs up onto a tree branch and looks up at the night sky, we see a shooting star fly by.

According to the theory however, this may be no ordinary shooting star. As you can see, it's purple!

Now let's turn to Aladdin...

When the street urchin meets the royal princess, he embarks on a magical carpet ride with her, singing "A Whole New World."

Whizzing around over the city, they also travel to the wonders of the world. First they travel to the Pyramids of Giza:

And then to Greece:

This occurs all in a matter of moments!

Now, as they would be flying at an incredibly high speed to make it to all of these distant places in such a short time, anyone below would only see a blur pass them by.

The theory claims that Hercules actually saw Aladdin and Jasmine's first magic carpet flight together!

The shooting star in "Go The Distance" was just the two lovers racing past on their adventure.

Before you rip it to shreds arguing that both protagonists are from different times so this cannot be the case, consider that their timelines have in fact overlapped in the past.

In the animated TV show of Hercules, there is an episode where a teenage Herc meets the Arabian star-crossed lovers. In Hercules and the Arabian Night, this meeting actually occurs during the Greek hunk's training sessions with Phil and after Jafar's dramatic defeat.

Pretty cool, right?

As the theory puts it:

"Hercules witnessed a whole new world the night before going the distance."

Take a peek at the "Go The Distance" clip below and see what you think:

Regardless of whether this is a valid theory or not, I think it's certainly an interesting overlap to consider.

What do YOU think? Let me know in the comments below!



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