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Everybody has had at least one experience, usually late at night, of driving along and seeing something that didn't quite add up. There's something about a dark, lonely, rain-splattered road that wreaks havoc within our psyches. Which is probably why horror movie directors have used them to petrifying effect since pretty much the very start of the genre.

Now I've seen some scary road scenes in my time (I'm looking at you Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Wolf Creek!), but none of them compare to the true real-life stories you're about to read below.

Check out five of the scariest stories from the most haunted roads in the world.

1. The Faceless Hitchhiker of Dead Man’s Curve

Where? Clermont County, Ohio

Why? Dead man’s curve is a dangerous turning intersection in Clermont County that has terrified drivers ever since one fatal night when five teenagers died in a car crash.

News reports say that on October 19, 1969, the five teens died instantly when their car was involved in a head-on collision at over 100mph. Ever since that night, the road has been haunted by "The Faceless Hitchhiker."

A man who claims to have seen the diabolical spirit told the local newspaper,

“I noticed a man’s shape on the side of the road. It turned like it was hitchhiking, with an arm sticking up. The thing wore light-colored pants, a blue shirt, long hair and a blank, flat surface where the face should have been. We looked back. There was nobody there.

It is unknown why there is only one spirit, not five, that haunts the road, but it is speculated that the hitchhiker was the driver of the vehicle.


Would you dare drive on this road alone at nighttime?

2. The Gruesome Deeds of Crawford Road

Where? York County, Virginia

Why? This disturbing road in Virginia has seen more macabre action than even the most hardened of horror movie aficionados.

It all started in the early '20s when a young woman who didn't want to marry the man she was engaged to jumped from the bridge with a noose tied around her neck. Many drivers, who are said to have had no prior knowledge of the suicide, have claimed to have seen a woman hanging from the bridge.

Since then, the road has played a part in a series of high-profile murders. On Jan. 29, 1990, James Johnson was found in a wooded area off Crawford Road. He had a bullet wound in his chest, his wrists were handcuffed, and his legs taped together. The body of Newport News woman Tanya Marcia Lane was found less than half-a-mile away one year later. Both had been murdered by the same man, Juannito Edwards.

The sight is now a hotspot of paranormal activity with hundreds of sightings of weird goings-on every year.


Would you dare drive on this road alone at nighttime?

3. Lydia, The Phantom Hitchhiker of Jamestown Road

Where? Jamestown, North Carolina

Why? When the rain pours and mist descends on Jamestown Road, passers-by are said to see a fairly ordinary-looking teenage girl waiting by the side of the road. She appears pale and wet, but only as much as any other person would at that time of night and in those conditions.

Kind-hearted drivers have been known to stop and ask if she's OK. At first the girl ignores their questions, staring blankly into the distance as the rain drips from the end of her nose. But as the driver starts to pull away, she turns and calmly explains that she has been to a party and needs to get home. Fearing for her safety, the driver usually obliges.

The story is always the same from here on in. The girl enters the back seat of the car, directly behind the driver. She gives them an address but then remains completely silent, no matter how many questions are put to her. She hums to herself for a few minutes before again lapsing into silence.

When the driver reaches the address, they turn around to say goodbye to girl but soon realize she has vanished. Some people (the ones who haven't sped off in pure prettified astonishment) knock on the door of the house. One witness told a local newspaper that an old woman answered and said,

"Lydia was my daughter. She died in a car wreck by that overpass in 1923. You're not the first one, and I suppose you won't be the last. Every so often, her spirit flags down a passing driver. I suppose she still doesn't understand what happened to her. I suppose she's still trying to get home."


Would you dare drive on this road alone at nighttime?

4. The Hooded Monk and Dancing Dead Children of Stocksbridge Bypass

Where? Sheffield, United Kingdom.

Why? Stocksbridge bypass has a reputation amongst the people of the north of England as being THE most haunted place in the country. When the road was built in 1989 it was discovered that ancient grounds laid beneath.

Since it was finished, there have been hundreds of paranormal sightings, usually of the same two things: children playing under the electricity pylons singing "Ring Around the Rosie"; and a monk who just stands and looks out in the distance. One sighting of the monk even prompted a police investigation. Most frighteningly of all, though, are the reports of people driving who suddenly noticed the monk sitting beside them in the car! Check out the above documentary for more details.

Note: I grew up in this area and can confirm that, while I never saw anything untoward, this road has one almighty aura. It's situated near a mountainous area infamous for the "moors murders," which doesn't help matters.

5. Murder and Malaria on Shades Of Death Road

Where? Warren County, NJ

Why? Let's be honest, with a name like that this road already sounds like the creepiest motherfucking road of all time. But there's more to it than that. It runs right by 'Ghost Lake,' for a start.

In the 1920s and 1930s there were three brutal murders along the road. First, a man was hit over the head with a tire jack over some gold coins. Then a second in which a woman beheaded her husband and buried the head and the body on different sides of the road. And lastly one in which a local resident, Bill Cummins, was shot and buried in a mud pile just yards away from the road side.

All three are said to taunt passers-by to this day.

What do you think? Have you ever driven down a creepy road and seen something weird? Do you know somebody who has?

Is there a haunted road in your area?

Tell me about it!


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