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Now, what with the imminent of arrival of Marvel Studios' expansive Phase 3 line-up, and the already in-production Netflix series' (building up to The Defenders), there aren't actually all that many major Marvel superheroes that we're still waiting to see on screen.

Indeed, over the next few years, we're set to see Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, the Inhumans, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and even Spider-Man join the action - with even more supporting heroes rumored.

And yet, there are still a handful of heroes - iconic, fan-favorite, movie-friendly heroes - who haven't been announced to appear just yet.

Except, of course, for the fact that...

It Totally Seems Like David Tennant Just Teased the Next Marvel Superhero to Arrive in the MCU

That's right, Doctor Who totally just dropped in, blew our minds, and then buggered off again to save the whole universe.

No, wait. To continue filming his role as the villainous Kilgrave (a.k.a. The Purple Man) in Marvel's Jessica Jones for Netflix. Tomatoes, Tomahtoes.

Either way, though, his recent visit to Marvel HQ - officially documented at - seemed to feature an absolutely massive tease about which Marvel superhero we should expect to see next.


Well, y'see, Marvel posted five pictures of Tennant's set visit, including three absolutely adorable images of him being shown around the Marvel offices:

Which, aside from anything else, I'm massively jealous of...

And, in between getting a close look at just how much we should all be dreaming about working there...

...David Tennant also took the time to get a snap with his new Nemesis, Jessica Jones:

Now, so far, so standard practice, right?

Well, maybe not so much, since Tennant - and, crucially, the Marvel-sanctioned photographer - took the time to take one final picture...

That's right - of the only two pictures Marvel just posted of David Tennant hanging out at the Marvel offices with major superheroes, one of them was with his already announced on-screen enemy - and the other was with the widely-rumored to arrive, and long-awaited, Spider-Woman.

So...What Does That Mean?

Well, potentially, very little indeed. Perhaps Tennant - a childhood comic-book fan - just really, really likes Spider-Woman, and wanted to get a picture alongside her.

It does, though, seem more than a little peculiar that Marvel would take, and then publish widely with their own watermark, an image of one of their newly hired cast-members hanging out next to a superhero they have no plans for whatsoever. After all, the accompanying presence of Jessica Jones sure does make it seem that the duo are both set to be on-screen opponents - hence the creepy gaze accompanying Jessica, and the clenched fist alongside Spider-Woman.

Which, it seems, might just suggest that we're about to see Spider-Woman arrive in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Which would be AWESOME (and actually make a whole lot of sense, considering her ability to step comfortably between the worlds of New York's less-powerful heroes - of which Jessica Jones would likely be one - and the Avengers themselves, suggesting that Spider-Woman would be an obvious big-screen hero to introduce for the first time on TV).

What do you think, though? Could David Tennant really have just teased Spider-Woman's arrival? If so, who would you like to see play her? And how awesome do Marvel's offices look?



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