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Halo 5 has been pretty quiet lately, though we did get the opportunity to check it out for a brief moment in this new trailer! 343 Industries are surely saving a lot of info for E3, as many developers are practising at the moment. But in Halo 5: Guardians' silence, 343 Industries' have announced an event for their masterful Halo 2 Anniversary edition in the Master Chief Collection on Xbox One.

They want Halo fans out there to lend them their voice in helping them decide the champions of this ultimate showdown. So it seems this week, we'll be forgetting about Halo 5 as we bask in the glory of the best game in the Halo franchise, Halo 2. Nothing like seeing the masters test it out!

Halo 5 & Halo 2
Halo 5 & Halo 2

Halo 2 Anniversary Edition Taking Halo 5's Spotlight

This Thursday, we’re hosting the HCS All-Star Halo 2 Classic Showdown, and we’d like you to join us. We’ve nominated eight of the top performers from Season 1 of the HCS, and are asking YOU to vote for your favorite player.

This is the statement that you can find on 343's website, and the showdown actually sounds pretty awesome! The top four players after the voting session concludes, will then engage in a best-of-5-series against the Pro Team from 343 Industries. I like the sound of this. It'll be streamed on both Twitch and the Halo Channel and will be showing off the true gem of the Halo Master Chief Collection. But it's not done there!

When the series ends, 343 Industries will be selecting viewers from both Twitter and Twitch and will invite them into an exclusive 2v2 match with two players from their Pro Team! You'll be paired up with one of them against the other two and should it be seriously epic. Think you have what it takes to take them on live for everyone to see?

Halo 2 Anniversary Edition
Halo 2 Anniversary Edition

You can head on over to their website for all of the details on who'll be playing and how you can enter. It's so great to see Halo 2 still getting so much attention after all of these years. It's a pleasure to play Bungie's masterpiece on the Xbox One, and with all of the networking features fixed on the Master Chief Collection, it's definitely a must buy for Xbox One owners.

Halo 5 is still without its release date, but I'm sure E3 will have many surprises in store! Let us know if you'll be trying to compete in this Halo 2 competition and what you're looking forward to the most in 343's Halo 5 Guardians!


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