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Bioware have recently shown off their remarkable skills at giving players such an enormous array of customising options for our characters. Dragon Age: Inquisition has one of the greatest character creation systems in gaming. Naturally, news will eventually announce that this will be transferred over to Mass Effect 4 for its release date on the XBOX One and PS4 .

Bioware haven't discussed the option to play as different races in Mass Effect 4 yet, but we are aware that humans are available. But as we've seen in the Mass Effect series, romance options have allowed Shepard to romance all kinds of races, and we think it would be incredible if we could somehow combine two of them to create our playable character.

Will we see it in Mass Effect 4?
Will we see it in Mass Effect 4?

Creating a Race in Mass Effect 4

We still have no concrete news on how our saves will impact upon ME4, but if we're to believe the latest info surrounding the title, they may not affect Mass Effect 4 at all. This of course would be a dreadful shame. We understand that Bioware want to make their new game a great entry point for newcomers to the series, but surely they should respect their fan base after the controversy around ME3's ending?

But there's still hope for seeing a child of Shepard connecting the trilogy with Mass Effect 4. But with an extensive character creation option, we'd be able to say, combine our Shepard with a Turian or Salarian and form our own love child for the new instalment.

Mass Effect 4
Mass Effect 4

Mass Effect 4 - Every Race Has its Own Starting World

The thing is though, it may difficult to create a scenario for Bioware that fits every race. Perhaps like Guild Wars 2 for example, if I selected a Turian, I could spend the fist part of the game interacting with a whole storyline and world that's only available to that race. This would give ME4 so much replay-ability! Then the character could eventually leave his world and join where every other player does at some penultimate event.

In any case, Mass Effect has given us such a diverse world, that it'd be a shame for the title to be lacking in this area from the outset. Selecting your race has always been something that has revolved around discussions of Mass Effect 4. Playing as one of its many alien races will allow us to become intrinsically woven into their culture, and we won't have to worry about meet people and hearing about their backstories of where they came from.

Mass Effect 4
Mass Effect 4

Bioware has already set up this universe, and you can occasionally run into characters in the trilogy that are just representations of their cultures rather than actually beings with distinct personalities. Playing as one of the races would remove this entirely and I'd personally love the option to combine them and choose which world you start off in as your home.

Like the idea? Have an idea for ME4 of your own? Then be sure to let us know in the comments! Mass Effect 4 is surely a long while away from its Xbox One and PS4 release date, but with the likes of E3 2015 ahead of us, we have some exciting trailers and gameplay to look forward to!


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