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In what is sure to be good news for fans of The Flash and Arrow, it now looks as though the shows' upcoming spin-off - tentatively expected to focus on Brandon Routh's Atom - has acquired itself another major DC character as a series regular.

The best part? Not only have we already seen him on screen, but his presence might just hint at a surprise turn for the show's creative direction.

The villain in question - Heat Wave - has, after all, already appeared in the CW's rapidly growing DC TV Universe, with the actor who portrayed him, Dominic Purcell, now set to return to the role.

The thing is, though - with Wentworth Miller's Captain Cold also signed up to the show as a series regular, it's looking as though the series could well be heading in a far more villain-centric direction than Arrow and The Flash's superhero-origin focused story-lines.

In fact, could we even be set to see Cold and Heat Wave act as the show's primary focus - and finally see The Rogues become an actual, factual TV show?

Here's hoping...

What do you think, though? Would you like to see the new spin-off focus more on The Rogues than, say, The Atom? Who else would you like to see sign on? And what other DC shows are you hoping they'll make?

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