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Good news, everybody!

From the sounds of it, our chances of actually getting a glimpse of what to expect from the forthcoming Deadpool movie are getting better by the day - and all it took was a sad (for anyone heading to Toronto Comicon this weekend, anyway) announcement to confirm it.

It seems that Morena Baccarin can't make it to the TCC, but for what (for Deadpool fans, at least) is the best possible reason. As Toronto Comicon's offical statement put it:

"We’re sorry to announce Morena Baccarin won’t be attending Toronto ComiCon. She did her absolute best to work around her Deadpool filming schedule. She understands that she’s missed the last few shows and is very sorry she won’t be here to meet you all. We wish her the best and look forward to seeing her on the big screen (and hopefully soon at Fan Expo)!"

Which means, if she isn't already doing so, that Morena Baccarin will be filming out in Vancouver by this weekend.

Which, combined with Ryan Reynolds' recent tweet confirming a Deadpool photo shoot...

...very much seems to suggest that we'll be getting our first real look at the movie's cast sometime pretty darned soon.

Which, if you ask...anyone, is downright fantastic news...

What do you think, though? Super-excited for our first real look at Deadpool? Any particular characters you're hoping to see first? And just who do you think everyone's going to be playing?



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