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With the upcoming tri of Digimon returning there has been a question I've been asking pretty recently to myself. Was Matt's Gabumon gay? As a kid the thought never crossed my mind but after thinking about it there is always a possibility. The first thing I established at least as a kid that Gabumon was male since he had a male voice actor. There were only two things that led me to this theory so it may not be that strong or conclusive yet.

The first point to bring up is his prior form Tsunomon:


Tsunomon was described as a shy Digimon. My first question becomes why? This was the first clue, but it wasn't made too strong other then he was blushing when being referred to. With stereotypes some may associate those with wanting to hide something. The thing is that it's not overplayed at all, it's all in a brief moment making it harder to figure out. Recalling that this was at a time when having a gay character on a show was almost unheard of. These days in shows its more likely just spelled out, some additional tropes may be added to make it clear that a character is gay. For me this is why this theory is so interesting to tackle. Gabumon being gay as pretty much be the second alpha of the show sounds epic especially for its time. What's beautiful about the show is that there are other characters that may even have darker back stories like Gatomon just as an example.

There was another trope that Gabumon had that was more obvious. His reaction to water when it came to his fur. He hated getting it wet, thus he hated taking it off. However in the 9th episode subzero ice punch he sees that Matt is cold and takes off the coat to keep Matt warm. In this condition it was only when Matt was in trouble where Gabumon felt the need to brake said prior trope. This prior trope still makes me somewhat question Gabumon's sexuality. Again for me this is important mainly because of the early time frame of the show. With Tri maybe they can add even more subtle or more obvious clues. One thing I thought about was what if this were true, then who would Gabumon end up with. The first conclusion I drew was to none of the original Digimon. In fact the answer I arrived at was Gaomon:


Gaomon has a very similar line of evolution to Gabumon and there both wolf based Digimon. Thomas's Gaomon takes orders and in many respects can be seen as a leader in his own right. In many ways he's very similar. Would they also mean that Gaomon was gay? It could be possible. With even less tropes to stand on it would be even more impressive as a conclusive answer. The fact the Digimon fight so much makes this all that much better. Usually there has been this long lasting stigma that might only be changing very recently. But what if Digimon actually broke the stigma before anyone really realized it. That in itself again is amazing to think is true. The thing is Gabumon and Gaomon could totally meet up even if their times lines to sink up. This is a theory have had a lot more to talk about in my play through of Digimon Masters Online, this is one video that may or may no express it:

At any rate the mystery only has two things behind it so far. So what do you guys think is Gabumon gay?


Is Gabumon Gay?


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