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Another vampire story has received its invitation to television, and it's a brilliant though familiar tale.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, [Teen Wolf](series:721002) showrunner Jeff Davis will be teaming up with actor/writer Brandon Boyce to turn the Swedish novel Let the Right One In into a TV series for A&E. The book had previously been adapted into a phenomenal Swedish feature film with the same name as well as an English language version entitled Let Me In.

A&E won a bidding war with Showtime for the series about a mysterious vampire girl and the curious, bullied little boy who befriends her. The other cinematic versions have been moody, atmospheric, and refreshing—a totally new take on the typical existential vampire story. The series will reportedly take place in Vermont, and when a pattern of murders star to spring up, a mysterious federal marshal with his own dark history will show up to investigate.

Let the Right One In fits in nicely with A&E's recent slate of scripted shows that rely heavily on adaptation, [Bates Motel](series:753920) (a prequel to Psycho) and [The Returned (TV)](series:1136870) (based on the French series Les Revenants). All of these shows also represent a move to intellectual horror that's taking place on TV by exploring the deeper side of vampires, psychopaths, and zombies.

As a huge fan of the Swedish movie, I think there's plenty of the book's story to explore, especially in relation to Eli's identity as vampire. The movie was sparse, deliberately paced, and perfectly wrapped up, but a TV series would allow writers the space to really delve into these complex characters.

It'll be interesting to see what tone they are able to strike. A&E's scripted content is certainly dramatic, but the writer's past experience is based in the teen soap Teen Wolf (another modern remake). I can definitely see them trying to attract a younger audience to the network with a little bit more action, but I hope that doesn't take away from the restrained, dark tone of the original.

What do you expect out of a Let the Right One In TV series?


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