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There are still plenty of questions about the upcoming Walking Dead spin-off, although it seems we finally have an official title. After a few weeks of speculation, apparently (according to IMDB at least) the show will be called Fear The Walking Dead - which if I'm being honest, makes my job a lot easier. It was getting pretty tiresome constantly calling it the The Walking Dead spin-off series...

Anyway, creator Robert Kirkman has now come forward to explain a little bit more about the narrative of Fear The Walking Dead. We always knew it would show the origins of the walker apocalypse, but it seems it's not a true prequel. Kirkman told the "Creative Activism" panel at SXSW:

The timeline is taking place a little bit earlier timeframe than the original show. Rick Grimes woke up from a coma and was like, ‘Oh, man, zombies, weird!’ We’re going to possibly see that unfold a little more in the other show. But I wouldn’t call it ‘prequel’ because the entirety of the show is not going take place before [The Walking Dead]. It will eventually form a path running concurrently.

Kirkman also revealed the show wouldn't be a simple rehash of the original Walking Dead. The characters will of course be dealing with the same threat, however the way they do this and how they discover new things will be different. He continued:

If you are watching both shows there are things like, ‘Oh they discovered this, or they discovered that in a different way.’ There are a lot of things about The Walking Dead world these characters have to learn or figure out to get by. And there may be some things that are discovered in the companion show that haven’t been discovered in the other show yet. So there could be like a thing where, ‘Oh, they encountered a zombie in Season 4 in The Walking Dead that could do this and now we know why that was.’ So we’re going to be doing things like that are going to be pretty cool, but for the most part [the two shows] should be able to stand alone.

A lot of fans have also speculated about the possibility of a cross-over with the parent Walking Dead series. At the minute, that seems pretty unlikely. Indeed, according to Kirkman, one of the reasons the spin-off was created was to expand the story across the US. He explained:

From the beginning of the show one thing we’ve heard is, ‘What’s going on over here or there.’ So the intent of the new show is to expand that world and show another corner of the United States and what’s happening there.

There is no official release date for Fear The Walking Dead, however it is expected sometime in summer 2015.


Would you want to see The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead crossover?

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