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If you don't go to bed every night thinking, "I wish someone would finally take it upon themselves to create a crossover video for [Game of Thrones](movie:817617) and The Princess Bride," then I don't know how you're ever able to fall asleep. If you're more like me, on the other hand, then our prayers to the Lord of Light have finally been answered.

Shawn Kohne and Todd Spence have created a parody video that imagines if the events out of The Princess Bride book actually detailed the ruthless bloodshed from HBO's Game of Thrones. Check out the video below.

(Quick warning: it's GoT, so expect some graphic sex and violence. Also there are spoilers abound, so watch at your own risk)

Of course, some of the highlights from The Princess Bride as summed up by Grandpa have a lot of overlap with Game of Thrones, just not quite so...retch-inducing.


A little less sparring match and a little more "baby's first witnessing of death."


Definitely don't remember any of these cheap shots from Buttercup or Westley.


I'm sparing anyone who didn't watch the video because their example of a torture scene was NOT PLEASANT for my eyes or stomach.

He's just faking it, right?

Never has any GoT fan been able to utter that question with confidence that their favorite character is coming back.

All in all, it's clear that had this been the story Grandpa read, he would probably not be able to visit his grandchildren ever again. Who knew that Game of Thrones was so inappropriate for children? Guess I have to stop screening it at my neighborhood daycare. Thanks, Shane and Todd. Like Melisandre, your video has helped me see the light.

What did you think of 'Princess of Thrones'?


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