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Marvel Studios has delighted most of their fans since 2008 Iron Man's. For first time in history a Hollywood studio created a series of movies connected in this case Marvel Superheroes. Many of the higher grossing movies in history belong to Marvel such as Iron Man 3 or the beloved and mighty Avengers.

Two days ago Marvel announced that they will recast the characters of the Avengers so their characters can stay longer in the Marvel Universe and also have more superheroes crossovers in each movies. Kevin Feige, Marvel's CEO, stated that when the Marvel Cinematic Universe was created they didn't know how far it would. Feige idea is to recast everyone and start again but without origin stories, the idea is that the audience will already know who the original Avengers are. The actors chosen will have various contracts that will allow them to be in various Avengers movies, stand alone and crossovers. One of the ideas is to have some characters in other stand alone movies like the comics. This would permit the audience to experience the MCU as the comics world.

The Cast:

Chris Pine as Captain America

Chris Pine as Steve Rogers
Chris Pine as Steve Rogers

Chris Pine has been cast as the new Captain America. Since the first J. J. Abrams Star Trek, Pine has suprised the audience with his acting skills. In my opinion he can be a great Steve Rogers, even thoug in Star Trek he doesn't like following the rules he plays a great commander which suits him to be the new Captain. Also I am sure that he will have no problem following the rules this time.

He has signed for various number of Captain America and Avengers movies. Marvel also made sure for him to show up in other superheroes stand alone movies.

Leonardo DiCaprio as Tony Stark

In the last years Leonardo DiCaprio has shown what a great actor he is and that he can act any character he wants. Marvel finally has decided to give him the opportunity to be part of their universe. His contract is the same as Pine's and the rest of the cast.

I think he will do and outstanding job as Tony Stark, he has the potential to deliver a great performance and surprise the critics and audience. Robert Downey Jr. personally stated that he is really happy with Marvel's choice. By starting a new Iron Man saga I hopw we can see him fight the real Mandarin this time.

Emily Blunt as Thor Girl aka Tarene

Marvel has decided to risk everything and cast a woman as Thor in the comics. The idea of Marvel is to have more women in the MCU and having a Thor Girl would give more variety. Also the story of Thor would have a different direction of what we already saw. I think Blunt has the skills to become a superheroine and kick everyones ass.

Karl Urban as Bruce Banner

Another Star Trek actor was cast as a Marvel Mighty Heroe. Karl Urban has been showing his acting skills throughout the years delivering perfect performances such as Eomer in The Lord of the Rings or Dredd. It is confirmed that he will have numerous stand alone movies which I am hoping to be Plante Hulk and World War Hulk. World War Hulk would be possible because Marvel counts on actors to be in other superheroes movies as secondry characters. That is the beauty of the new Marvel plans.

Karl Urban is a perfect choice he can be a badass Hulk and I believe that he can also play Bruce Banner.

Jennifer Lawrence as Black Widow

Jennifer Lawrence has proven to the world that she can play any kind of character in any kind of movie. She would be a perfect Black Widow and blow everyones mind. She also have the knowledge of how action movies work after The Hunger Games and X-Men.

Marvel confirmed that Black Widow will have her own stand alone movies too and will show her origin. Also Clint's Burton story will be tell with her and will be toguether in each movie.

Taron Egerton as Hawkeye

Since Kingsman blew everyones mind Marvel has decided to cast Taron Egerton as their new Hawkeye. He definetely has the skills to be a badass archer and be compelling character. I bet he will take over the audience the same way he did in Kingsman.

New member: Gran Gustin as Spider-Man!

Yes! Yes! Yeeeessss! Marvel announced that Spider-Man will join the MCU from the beggining. Marvel Studios and Sony announced that Grant Gustin will be Peter Parker in the new MCU. Gustin has proven himself to be a great actor in The Flash and Glee. He won the audience by his charm and humor which will be his greater allies by being Spider-Man. I am really excited to see him fighting with the Avengers and doing teamwork.

What do you think of Marvel new cast and plans?


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