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Probably the single worst sci-fi film I've seen. Everything starts off with Scarlett Johansson being draw into some kind of shady deal with some Chinese gangsters, resulting in her having a synthesized version of the chemical that a women's womb produces during childbirth implanted into her stomach... Wait the story gets better. She is imprisoned and , as a result of the aforementioned chemical, transforms into the first human being capable of using 100% of her brain, which allows to use some rather unlikely new abilities which include: manipulating electrical and communications systems, telepathy, telekinesis, and greatly increased strength.

This film could end my career..
This film could end my career..

While she is going through all these changes Morgan Freeman is performing a lecture on the very possibility of such a thing happening to a person, all of which is interspersed with strange images of animals killing each other, and Freeman coming out with obvious Darwinian explanations for it. The Chinese gangsters seem practically useless and are only used as a starting point for the absurd plot, but they keep popping up just fill in space and give Lucy something to fight against with her ridiculous powers.

The film is over stylized drivel with absolutely no scientific basis. And what happens after Lucy is transformed into this super-human..? She changes, as you would have predicted into..a usb thumb drive... Yes, that's right a usb drive. After all the amazing power she developed during the film, the control she gained over all the worlds communications systems, she ultimately changes into a £20 usb drive protruding out of a pile of black sludge in the corner of Morgan Freeman's computer lab. There have been some pretty bad sci-fi films released during this latest renaissance in the genre, but Lucy is by far the worst. Stay well clear.


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