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This week on the Mario Likes Movies Podcast, we cover what many feel can be a very touchy subject: The Victimization and Degradation of Women in TV & Films. With the Co-Owner of Mass Grave Pictures, (as well as being a Producer, a Writer, a Director, and an SFX Artist) Lindsay Serrano, joining us in the studio this week, the ladies are given a fighting chance against the boys.

Do horror films symbolize the male libido?
Do horror films symbolize the male libido?

The majority of films, not just horror films, are guilty of victimizing women. Whether it be by making them the actual victim, or just by simply writing a female character who needs a man to defend and/or define her.

Women only seem to give a shit about weddings and babies.
Women only seem to give a shit about weddings and babies.

Entire genres of film are almost entirely dedicated to making women a victim; Slasher films, Rape-Revenge films, even Dramatic/Romantic Comedies work to propagate the stereotype of a woman defining herself by a man. Relationships between men and women are, many times, forced into films for the purpose of "gaining the female viewership," but do women really watch these movies/TV shows simply because there is a sudden love interest?

The Bechdel Test is something that most movies fail, routinely, proving that most writers have no idea how to create a believably realistic female character, without making a man the center of all her attention. If you don't know what the Bechdel Test is, Google it and never see your favorite films the same way again.

Strong females are few and far-between in film and TV. Today, TV is beginning to pick up the slack, but we're still a long way away from seeing women take over the majority of prime-time slots and opening weekends. Sigourney Weaver obliterated the notion that women can't play the same roles as men, and yet somehow 35 years later, Hollywood is just now deciding to begin swapping gender roles.

Sigourney: Flying the Bad-ass flag for everyone!
Sigourney: Flying the Bad-ass flag for everyone!

Over 52% of movie tickets are bought by women, yet less than 15% of movies have female- leads. Male actors outnumber women in movies two-to-one. Women constitute a majority of Hollywoods audience, even though women are more likely to be beaten, killed and naked, and less likely to play a lead, less likely to speak, less likely to make a meaningful impact in the film.. They're even less likely to write, direct, produce, or edit the film as well, but that's a whole other can of worms.

Girls can kick ass just as well as the boys. Sometimes better..
Girls can kick ass just as well as the boys. Sometimes better..

There are more women in today's workforce than there are men. Female-driven films and TV shows are becoming increasingly more popular. Women are finally getting a fighting chance in the box-office, proving they are not just the wife/mother/sister/girlfriend of the male hero.

She didn't need Mulder as much as Mulder needed her
She didn't need Mulder as much as Mulder needed her

Listen in to this discussion that began as a "Things We Hate About Movies and TV" and became something so much more.. And while you're at it, listen to a couple of our favorite tough women, singing, screaming and fighting for their right to be heard!


Bif Naked - We're Not Gonna Take It
Poe - Not A Virgin
L7 - Shitlist
Emilie Autumn - Fight Like A Girl

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