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We all love superheroes (otherwise you wouldn't have clicked on this article). We love how they represent us in real life. Obviously they are created for fun as the action is often over the top, all heroes both male and female are unrealistically buff or fit, and even those without any super powers can manage to get smacked around by someone who does and live to tell about it.

Now obviously, there is no way any of us real-life people could sustain any of the damage that is dealt in comics. We can't fly, we can't lift a bus over our heads and toss it, we can't shoot laser beams, ice beams, fire beams, or any other beams out of our eyes, mouths, or hands. We're average, we all came into this world as screaming infants.

Right from the beginning it's an uphill battle to try and become the people we are today. We never stop fighting, one way or the other, the challenges we face in life. We all had to fight to get to where we are today, to become who we are today. There are those whose will to fight are stronger than others and it's evident in the results that their life shows.

I want to take a look at what the real Avengers possibly could look like using real people, real science, and real facts.

Let's get right into who's who in the reality-inspired Avengers roster.

1. Audie Murphy/Captain America

Sergeant Audie Murphy
Sergeant Audie Murphy

I felt that the person I chose to be the real-life Captain America would actually have to be from the same era as him. I chose Sergeant Audie Murphy because he is one of the most decorated American soldiers of WWII. The man had received a Medal of Honor for holding off an entire company German soldiers single-handed for a whole hour. Not only did he hold the Germans off, he also led a successful counter-attack while wounded and out of ammunition!

Audi Murphy given the Medal of Honor
Audi Murphy given the Medal of Honor

This is a great achievement to have under one's belt for sure. But it is not just how amazing of a soldier that Audie Murphy was, it was how he got there that is inspiring.

As a child, he and his family were abandoned by their father and then his mother died when he was only a teenager. Audie had to learn how to provide and he took odd jobs such as picking cotton and his hunting skills helped put food on the table for his family.

Just like Steve Rogers in the movie, Audie had falsified information to try and gain entry into military service; and just like Steve Rogers, he was rejected more than once.

Eventually, Audie did make it into the Army and thus lived out what would lead him to an amazing reputation.

When life was against him, when many others would have taken to living a life of depression and drunkeness, Audie overcame and achieved much greater than his own father ever would.

Also, he is the only one on this list to have any acting credentials to his name. So if he were still alive today, "casting" him might have been a little easier than some of the others.

2. TALOS (Tactical Assualt Light Operator Suit)/Iron Man

Not an individual person to cast here but it should be noted that the US Military have been developing a fully functional "Iron Man" suit of their own for quite some time. The difference here is that the suit is being put together by about 56 different corporations, 16 government agencies, 13 universities, and 10 national laboratories. Obviously this just goes to show that realistically there isn't just one-man needed to build something so advanced, especially not in his basement/garage.

The suit is still incomplete but the prospects are amazing as it is designed with a liquid armor, a synthetic substance. It is designed primarily from a defensive perspective, as opposed to Iron Man's over-the-top arsenal built inside the suit.

What really shocks me is the medically-advanced technology as the suit would ideally monitor the vitals of the operator and should he become wounded, the suit would apply itself to that location of the body and be able to provide heat, air, and oxygen.

Check out the awesome video by Revision Military that shows you the TALOS in real life. This was just released in January of this year.

3. Taylor Wilson/Bruce Banner

Born May 7, 1994, 20-year-old Taylor Wilson is the youngest person, since 2008, to fuse the atom (and I thought being married and being a father at 20 was an achievement!)

Taylor Wilson is an America nuclear physicist and advocate. It was in 2008 that Wilson fused the atom together using an IEC device. In 2013, Wilson left his fusion research to pursue fission research.

This guy is a brainy little dude, especially for having built both a fusion and fission reactors. There's no telling where life will lead, all I know is that he has a bright future ahead of him.

A little fun fact about this guy is that in 2012, Wilson was awarded the Thiel Fellowship which is fellowship which gives students under the age of 20 $100,000.00 to drop out of school and pursue other, greater goals like creating a startup, working on social movements, and/or scientific research. The process is very competitive with only 20-25 students chosen per year.

I think it's safe to say that Bruce Banner, had he really existed, would hold this kind of esteem among his scientific peers and likewise would probably praise Wilson on his impressive achievements at such an early age.

I wouldn't count on Wilson getting caught in any kind of gamma explosion and turning into the Hulk though. Scientists have already stated that instead of turning Bruce Banner into the Hulk, it would more likely just incinerate him instantly.

4. Thor

Well, there is no possible way to cast a real-life Thor so, for the sake of this section of the article, we'll pretend that Thor really does exist but not in the Marvel-ous (see what I did there?) way that we've seen in the comics.

If the Thor of Norse mythology did exist, I think we would all hope that he didn't ever come down to Earth because it would be an unfortunate encounter for anyone within 100 feet of the famed hammer Mjölnir. Want to know why? Well, take a look at this video from VSauce3 to understand better:

So...yeah...Thor would probably be the guy we would never want to be around unless there was some form of magic that somehow defied ALL of the scientific observations stated in the video above.

So, in truth, Thor would be the worst thing to happen to the Avengers as he would destroy every member of the team, anybody within 100 feet from his hammer, and a large majority of the Earth itself whenever he brought his hammer down.

But as Captain America himself stated in the Avengers...

5. CLASSIFIED/Nick Fury, Black Widow, Hawkeye

The truth hurts, if the Avengers really did exist than S.H.I.E.L.D. would probably be run alongside of the CIA somehow or maybe some other shady government agency. The truth is though that we would never know who this people were that were running the show from behind the scenes. Our attention, in the event of an actual Avengers experience would be drawn to the brightly-decorated super-soldier, the raging green beheamoth, and the Norse god flying around flinging lightning everywhere, no one would know about the guy with the incredible bow skills, or the seductive Russian spy who now works for team America, and especially not the grouchy, one-eyed man who spends his time inside giving orders rather than out on the battlefield with the team.

If there was a Nick Fury, Black Widow, or Hawkeye, we'd never know. Which then leads to the question:

"Is there really a Nick Fury, Black Widow, or Hawkeye out there right now and we just don't know about it?"


I tried to piece this article together with as many factual evidence as I could. I wanted this to be grounded in reality (obviously the Thor part gets out there a bit). I don't think I ever did so much research for an article as I had to do for this one. Most of the time I know exactly what I'm meaning to talk about but this one specifically took lots of time to do some in-depth research. But I have to admit, it was a lot of fun putting this together.

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