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From psychological thrillers to all out gore-fests, these are my personal favorites foreign language horrors. (These are my personal favorites remember so don't give any crap if you don't agree with my choice.)

10. Them (ils), 2006 - France

This french horror is all about atmosphere then an all-out gore fest and is based on true events. The film takes place in a country house where a young married couple have decided to settle. There is mysterious knock on the door - and thus begins a night of terror - in which the couple are tortured by a group of feral children who live in tunnels in the forest surrounding their home.

9. Audition, 1999 - Japan

This disturbing Japanese thriller follows a widower who agree to his friend proposal of auditioning girls in hope of finding a new wife, but the women he picks is not what he expected - a psychopath with a fetish for cutting of limb with cheese-wire in fact.

8. The Orphanage, 2007- Spain

This is an old fashioned ghost story set in, as you guessed it, an Orphanage. A woman return to the Orphanage she was in a child with here husband and son, intending to turn the place into a hospital for sick children. Things start to get strange in the house and her son soon goes missing. I don't want to spoil it for you but the film has one of the biggest twist endings ever.

7. Dead Snow, 2009 - Norway

A hilariously over-the-top comedy horror, which sees and group of hapless medical students fight off an army of Nazi zombies. With various horror references, one liners, and tribute to films like Evil Dead films, this is a must watch comedy horror.

6. Suspiria, 1977 - Italy

The quintessential slasher film with probably the best soundtrack in horror, from the Italian horror master Dario Argento. A dance student arrives a prestigious ballet school and find that things are not what they seem. I've always rated this higher than the like of Halloween, My Blood Valentine, and Black Christmas as the best slasher ever.

5. Frontier(s), 2007- France

I love french extreme horror, and this is one of the best. A group of young criminals flees Paris into the French countryside. They take refuge on a farm which is home to a clan of psychotic neo-nazis intent on creating a new Aryan master race. Some of the best extreme-gore set pieces and sickening sacrificial murders make Frontier(s) one of the most disturbing films of all-time.

4. Inside, 2007 - France

Another sick and twisted film with a shock ending. Inside is an even more disturbing extreme french horror. A pregnant women is terrorized by a scissor-wielding nut case in her home on Christmas Eve. Culminating in one of the most stomach-churning scenes I've seen.

3. Haute Tension, 2003 - France

My second favorite of the extreme French horrors, High Tension, is the story of a young woman who bring your friend to her families' farmhouse to visit. The plot leads you down the wrong trail before a massive twist. The usual extreme violence is present, with an opening killing spree which is comparable to Suspiria in it's impact.

2. Let the Right One In, 2008 - Sweden

Based on a bestselling book on the same name and given an pretty good American remake, Let the Right the One In is by far the best foreign language vampire film ever made. The plot revolves around Oscar, a lonely boy who is being bullied at school. Oscar soon meets Eli, the strange new girl in the neighborhood, and a friendship soon blossoms. But all is not as it seems with Eli. Some mysterious death soon start happening around town, at which point Eli tells Oscar her secret. The film has an amazing atmosphere, and the performances from the two young actors are superb. It's like Stand By Me with vampires, and I mean that in a good way.

1. Martyrs, 2008 - France

Martyrs is a non-stop ferocious gore-fest with probably the best opening scene in all of horror. When a young women storms into the house of the people who kidnapped and abused her as a child, she takes out her fury shotgun style. She soon finds out, however, that the family she's just slain are just the small part a more sinister organization - an organization which soon takes her captive, then her ordeal really begins.

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