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It sounds as though Barry Allen wont be the only speedster on The Flash come next season on the popular DC Comics spin-off.

Appearing at a Paleyfest panel on Saturday, executive producer Greg Berlanti says they hope to introduce other members of the Flash family, including Bart Allen or Wally West next season.

"That's our hope," he said during the panel yesterday afternoon. "We've already been picked up for a second year. If we were going to do something like that, we'd do it next year."

The remaining episodes of this season look to focus on the concept of time travel, and executive producer Andrew Kriesberg says the plan is to explore the impact of that.

"We’re definitely talking about the ramifications of time travel," he said. "There are episodes coming up where there is concern of certain events being changed in the past [that] would affect who people are and their relationships with each other. If the past changes, does the present change as well?"

Intriguing and thought provoking concepts indeed! What do you hope to see as the moves toward Season 2?

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 PM.

(Source: Dark Horizons)

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