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Rockstar are soooo close to the unveiling of GTA V on PC. The release date is continuously being pushed forward, and once it finally hits our shelves, Rockstar will have to say goodbye to GTA 5. Could their next big 2015 release date be for Red Dead Redemption 2? It's been endlessly successful for the developer and has literally been the only thing pulling in new profits for the last 3 years.

But now we finally have our Heists on GTA online, and the XBOX One and PS4 are all the better for them! We're enjoying the land of Los Santos more than ever. But in the back of our minds, we ponder on how Rockstar can raise the bar for GTA 6 once it receives its release date for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. And we know one way that can be accomplished!

More of this in GTA 6!
More of this in GTA 6!

GTA 6: A Tale of Two Cities

The San Andreas that we see in GTA 5 is enormous. It encompasses the wilds of the north and extravagant luxury of southern Los Santos. It's a comical depiction of modern day LA, and it has so much to offer. Its introduction of a three character system was revolutionary for the series, and we can't see it going back to one character anytime soon.

But while GTA V certainly delves deep into its exploration of modern society, we only get a look at one area of the world. If Rockstar are planning to step things up once more for the open world sandbox genre in GTA VI, increasing the limits of the map will be the first thing to focus on.


Two Countries in GTA 6

We'd love to see a tale that covers two different cities in two different parts of the world for GTA 6 on its release date. We could see various characters from differing cultures attempt to get the most out of what their country can offer them, and then connect at some point like how Trevor eventually arrived in Los Santos in GTA 5.

It would mean that we could have a similar experience to the one we had with Sleeping Dogs. It was such a pleasure to explore a cityscape we never see in Video Games . We even had to change the side of the street we drove on! A long time ago GTA was set in London, and we'd love to see a cooperation between Europe and the US in GTA 6!

Can GTA 6 Top This?
Can GTA 6 Top This?

Europe and the US have such diversely alternative cultures. Seeing how they interact on their own soil and with each other would be thrilling with Rockstar behind the wheel on GTA VI. But just which countries could we see? What cities should we see more importantly?

The possibilities are limitless for exploration and it would essentially be like having two games in one. Every player would have their preference in terms of where they like to drive around, just how we'd be able to hop between the two countries is the question. Could the Xbox One and PS4 handle zooming out to a whole new map like in GTA 5? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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