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This is my real, first post! Yay! And its a complete ripoff. Yay...I mean...what?

Yes, even though I came to this realization on my own, this has been done before. I did the worst thing a person who wants to be original can do. I "googled" my idea and found a post similar to my idea.

Although this author had a similar idea, he took it in a different direction. Ha!

Here is his article if you'd like to see:

In the mean time, enjoy my humble comparison of Joss Whedon's Firefly and [The Avengers](movie:9040).

Some director/writers have particular strengths. Micheal Bay has explosions, Spielberg has epic stories, J.J. Abrams has Spielberg, and Joss...well he specializes in characters. He can take several different individuals, put them in a group setting, and somehow make each character interesting, dynamic, and distinct.

I enjoy every single character he writes. I'd know them if I met them on the street. Therefore I think the short lived but much beloved show "Firefly" has been reincarnated in the Avengers. Why else did you fall in love with a Norse god and a "jerk-in-a-tin-can" so easily?!? It was like they were old friends you just met. They may look different and be in a different context, but our dear friends of the spaceship Serenity live on through the Avengers.

Captain Malcolm 'Mal' Reynolds lives on as Tony Stark/ Ironman

Despite his crazy plans and hi-jinx, he is the true leader of the group. He may go blazing into danger with a hilariously cocky attitude, but he has genuine care and concern for his team. A pigheaded attitude simply masks his big soft heart.

Zoë Washburne lives on as Hawkeye

A hotshot, ex-soldier with a loyalty streak. Walks into a fight with a level head and clear objectives. They love to make narky remarks as they make impossible shots that never seem to miss. A total team player even if they don't get as much screen time.

Inara Serra lives on as Pepper

She is tall and classy. Full of grace and fire, she humanizes the wacky characters and circumstances around her. She keeps the leader of the group in line when she needs to, but she loyally sticks with her man no matter what.

Jayne Cobb lives on as Thor

A not-so-smart muscle man that loves a fight. He loves fighting so much he gave a personal name to his weapon of choice. He sometimes wears a funny hat as he taunts his foes maybe a little too much. He also has a funny, thick accent and a strange name.

Kaylee Frye lives on as Colson

A total optimist about the world even in the face of danger. They are even positive when mortally wounded. They have given a personal name to their vehicle of choice and have some of the best one-liners.

Dr. Simon Tam lives on as Dr. Bruce Banner

A doctor of great promise. He is super intelligent and uses his brains for good. He is haunted by his great responsibility to keep the monster close to him from hurting anyone else.

River Tam lives on as The Black Widow

A young girl, taken by government agents, who is turned into a living weapon. They messed with her brain to the point that she is haunted by her tainted memories. Despite what the government tried to do, she fights for the good guys. (few') A nonstop, bad guy killing machine.

Shepherd Book lives on as Captain America

He is the elder of the group. He brings a sense of obligation and morality to a team of chaos. He is religious and old school, but has the means to kick butt when needed.

Hoban 'Wash' Washburne lives on as a leaf on the wind.

....a leaf on the wind...


Tell me what you think! Am I completely nuts to see this?


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