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“Pretty bad ass. You’re definitely not - even though you say you’re afraid of falling which doesn’t really make any sense - you’re not afraid of heights,” Theo James tells Shailene Woodley when asked by a fan about his co-star on Moviefone's latest edition of "Unscripted."

From Shailene’s view on her character’s emotional arc in the new film to Theo’s spirit animal, the "Insurgent" stars not only answered fan questions, they get to make up some of their own, Below is the full interview and a breakdown of highlights .

When they try to do their best impersonations of each other (:25), Theo shares some info about Shailene that she find a little cringe-worthy.

(2:25) Although stars of their own franchise, the stars might want to leave superhero storytelling to the experts, otherwise we may get "The Adventures of Chocolate Boy and Aloha Girl."

I have to say, Shailene is not only a very talented woman with a great sense of humor, she's also intelligent and articulate. When asked by a fan on on her character’s transition from fearful young girl to strong woman (3:05), Shailene provides this response: "I actually don’t know that she’s necessarily a strong woman when this movie ends. I think she’s still broken in a lot of ways. The thing about Tris is that I never saw her as fearful. I saw her as somebody who recognized her fears but stood up to them. That to me is the strongest sense of bravery. I think that she maybe went from being somebody who thought she was brave to somebody who was actually able to implement her own courage in her external situations. That would be the transition that I would see.”

Other highlights include:

Who Shailene has gone Fangirl over in this movie (1:15)

Where the co-stars would film a sex scene (4:20)

What Shailene would do on her proper next weekend without work (6:27)


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