ByErnesto Gonzalez, writer at
gotta love these movies

This is a 2014 academy award nominee film by Irish animation company Cartoon Saloon, who had previously given us "The Secret of the Kells", also an academy award nominee, now bring us this new film, Song of the Sea. Its a story about a brother and a sister who live through the stories their mother would talk about. If you love anime like me you'll definitely would want to check out this movie. Its art style may take some time to get used to as it looks as if it was brought out of a children's storybook, making it all the more cinematic and visually stunning. This story brings you closer to Irish folktales and its mythological stories. Though it may be a children's movie, all can see this and still be moved by its ending. Its definitively a film too watch closely even if the story's pace keeps up at a constant speed, you'll want to look closer and get all the hand drawn details from this movie. Moore's storytelling talent can be seen through each scene, something we should have expected after the equally beautiful "The Secret of the Kells". If you want something soft to the eyes and very heart warming, this film is for you.


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