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The Age of Remakes!

I decided to make this article because lately i'm pissed off by the constant news about remakes of great classic,cult movies, which we as film fans,enthusiasts, love. I understand that it's a buisness,and there is huge amounts of money invested ,but the thing i don't understand,why wouldn't they invest the money and time in development of new franchises,new stories,movies ? Yes there are some great new franchises,and of course great movies,with original stories coming out each year,but not as many i would like. Why are they choosing the easy way, and just doing all the reboots and remakes they can,? There are tons of great books,young writers,with great stories from wich they could develop great movies. Are they afraid to risk the investment ? Are they playing safe ? Because it sure looks so. And this is what i think they are doing - Well we have an old franchise/movie,let's just make a remake or reboot that and we will be safe, because everybody knows who Ghostbusters are and who Scarface is. So the strategy here is to play safe,with an old stuff that people know about and cash in from the old fans and make some new ? Talking about the cash-in,i honestly don't see where they are going with this,because some of the remakes have been box office bombs and critically panned.

We can even make a list of great classic movies who have been remade in 2000's and are not really great in financial aspects and critical aspects.

  • Straw Dogs (2011) A remake of classic Straw Dogs (1971)
  • Production Budget: Straw Dogs (2011) - $25 million.
  • Revenue = Worldwide: $10,324,441.
  • Rating on - Straw Dogs (2011) 5.8 - Straw Dogs (1971) 7.5
  • - Straw Dogs (2011) 41% Rotten, Straw Dogs (1971) 91% Fresh
  • Straw Dogs (1971) Nominated for 1 Oscar
  • The Thing (2011) A remake of John Carpenter's The Thing (1982) based on John W. Campbell, Jr.'s novella Who Goes There?, which was more loosely adapted by Howard Hawks and Christian Nyby as the 1951 film The Thing from Another World.
  • Production Budget: The Thing (2011) - $38 million.
  • Revenue = Worldwide: $27,428,670. Revenue = $19.6 million (US).
  • Production Budget: The Thing (1982) - $15 million
  • Rating on - The Thing (2011) 6.3 - The Thing (1982) 8.2
  • - The Thing (2011) 35% Rotten - The Thing (1982) 80% Fresh
  • Considered as one of the best horror movies of all time,a cult classic.
  • Total Recall (2012) A remake of Verhoeven's classic Total Recall (1990)
  • Production Budget: Total Recall (2012) - $125 million.
  • Revenue = Domestic: $58,877,969, Foreign: $139,589,199.
  • Production Budget: Total Recall (1990) - $50–60 million. Revenue = Worlwide $261.3 million
  • Rating on - Total Recall (2012) 6.3 - Total Recall (1990) 7.5
  • - Total Recall (2012) 30% Rotten - Total Recall (1990) 84% Fresh
  • 3 Oscar Nominations, 1 win for Best Visual Effects
  • Conan the Barbarian (2011) A remake of classic Conan the Barbarian (1982)
  • Production Budget: Conan the Barbarian (2011) - $90 million.
  • Revenue = Domestic: $21,295,021, Foreign: $27,500,000
  • Production Budget: Conan the Barbarian (1982) - $16 million.
  • Revenue = Worldwide: $130 million.
  • Rating on - Conan the Barbarian (2011) 5.2- Conan the Barbarian (1982) 6.9
  • - Conan the Barbarian (2011) 24% Rotten - Conan the Barbarian (1982) 72% Fresh
  • Robocop (2014) A remake of classic Robocop (1987)
  • Production Budget: Robocop (2014) $100 million
  • Revenue = Domestic: $58,607,007, Foreign: $184,081,958
  • Production Budget: Robocop (1987) - $13 million
  • Revenue = $53.4 million
  • Rating on - Robocop (2014) - 6.3 - Robocop (1987) 7.5
  • - Robocop (2014) - 49% Robocop (1987) 88% Fresh

So these are just a few examples of how terrible these remakes have been. I have seen them all. And the hardest thing is that they are developing tons of new remakes every year. There will be a Ghostbusters remake/reboot,just today i found out that there will be a Scarface remake in the works. I'm cringing while reading these type of news. It will be a disaster,such great movies that we loved as kids and still love now. I mean the list just goes on and on. Here is the list of some remakes in development for 2015 - 2020 release dates.

  • A remake of Point Break
  • A remake of The Crow
  • A remake of Dirty Dancing
  • A remake of American Psycho
  • A remake of Escape From New York
  • A remake of Highlander
  • A remake of Poltergeist
  • A remake of Gremlins
  • A remake of Videodrome
  • A remake of Jumanji
  • A remake of Weird Science

These are just few names of the remake era. I mean look at this list and tell me that you're not sad ? These particular movies i really love and they are my favorites till this day and probably will be after 20 more years.

But then again there are some remakes that have done well and have been even better then the original,and i'm sure there will be some remakes that will be good,but i can assure you that these will not be the movies that will be great. Just my toughts. Of course there is a chance that some of the remakes in development could become great. It could work if they manage to get great cast of actors who can pull of good performances,if they get a great director and most of all a great writer/writers to pen great story.

Please give me your toughts about this remake/reboot business.And maybe you can share which movies you think would be great remakes and which wouldn't be so good. Greetings from Latvia ;) Sorry for spelling mistakes.

I would like to say that this is my first creation here,so go easy on me :) Thank you for getting this far!

By the way,here is a little poll.

Which one was the best from these ? You decide.


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