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Marvel has kept most of its fans in the dark when it comes to what Avengers 2: Age of Ultron has in store for the team. With Joss Whedon at the head of this beast, death is to be expected, and well... damn near promised at this point thanks to Whedon promising a "dramatic change" for Earth's Mightiest Heroes. What is Whedon talking about? I don't know. Nobody really knows, do they? All we can do is what everybody else is doing at this point and make an educated guess. So, with that being said, let's make some educated guesses!

1. What's Going On With The Hulk?

Okay, so this may be discarded into the "Yeah, right, that's never gonna happen" territory, but Hulk is the only avenger not yet confirmed to be in [Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409) or, in Thor's case, with a sequel in the works. This being said, Hulk is also the only character strictly not allowed to have his own movie. Since Hulk is only permitted to appear to Avengers movies, that makes him kind of a special character. But what if... (potential spoilers ahead, obviously)

Hulk is the character Whedon plans to kill off in Avengers 2?!

Here's Hulk doing whatever it is Hulk does
Here's Hulk doing whatever it is Hulk does

It certainly makes sense. I mean, unless Whedon plans to kill off Vision not long after he's been created (which, I guess, is also a very Whedon thing to do). This brings us to...

2. The Vision: What's That About?!

Now, The Vision, apart from the speedy dude and the mind-control gal, is the newest addition to the Avengers initiative. He's a Synthezoid, meaning that he's an Android with more humanlike qualities than your standard robot. In the comics he and Scarlet Witch even have a romance that results in them having some weird, half-robot child at some point. Is Whedon going to introduce the Scarlet Witch-love-thing in Avengers 2? Well, probably not, (I know, what a let down, right?) but that's not necessarily a bad thing. With the Vision being played by the voice of Jarvis, and Whedon admitting that that's not a coincidence, one can only assume that...


Here we see the Vision cry which makes zero sense
Here we see the Vision cry which makes zero sense

I mean, consider the guilt Tony would have after creating Ultron. If The Vision, an eventual good guy, is also derived from Stark technology, that's got to be a massive weight off of his shoulders, right? Now where does the Vision fit in the Civil War timeline? Great question. This is where I think it becomes more probable that he'll be used as a one and done deal. Make sense? No? Yes? Stay with me...

3. The Twins: How Important Are They Really?

Ever sinse the post-credits scene in Winter Soldier, I've been in deep anticipation as to what [Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch](movie:1081109) have in store for the MCU. They each have unique powers that are going to expand the MCU superhero catalogue exponentially, duh, but how much can they actually affect future movies?

1. Scarlet Witch

She's going to get into our hero's heads with her mind-control powers, this is apparent, but is she going to permanently join the lineup of heroes towards the end? We have (probably) all seen that part in the last trailer where she's fighting in that massive circle with the rest of the Avengers fighting a heck ton of bad guys, right? But is there trickery or a double-crossing afoot? It would make sense given she has been brainwashed to be evil, but let's say she does permanently join the team. What about her twin, Quicksilver?

2. Quicksilver

Every time we've seen Quicksilver do something in the trailer, it's been on the 'bad guy' side of the fight. We've seen him fighting Captain America and even hanging out with Ultron and his sister. Will there be some sort of divide in the twins morally? That would definitely be great writing, but that would be heart-breaking for us Quicksilver fans who want nothing more than a new Avenger out there punching evil at super sonic speeds.

3. Will They Die?

I'm going to boil this down to a solid maybe. Both characters are being portrayed by pretty big actors and I have no idea how many movies they've signed on for. But if Whedon does decide to kill off these two, what a let down that would be! There would hardly be enough time for someone to gain an emotional attachment and it would be significantly harder for something like this to actually matter to an audience.

Here we see the twins running from big, blue dudes
Here we see the twins running from big, blue dudes

So, of course, none of this could be right... it's all just speculation. Well thought out speculation, but speculation all the same. It's clear that this new Avengers movie is going to cram a lot in a small amount of time. Does Whedon just have a massive Spider-Man 3 on his hands? Probably not. I think, regardless of where Avengers 2 takes us, it's bound to be a solid film.

But, hey, that's just my two cents!


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