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I had the pleasure of attending the Insidious Chapter 3 trailer release party in Downtown, LA this week. The event was amazing, and so was the venue, with a cool party at the Ace Hotel. The trailer was shown and the band Conway performed. And as a cherry on top, horror masterminds Jason Blum and Leigh Whannell participated in a Q&A!

I remember just sitting in the theater shaking from excitement after the trailer screened. This is more of a prequel, so fans will see the true origin of the Insidious franchise. While some people feel certain things should not be explained because that's what initially made it horrifying, I beg to differ. The Insidious franchise is so unique - it needs to be explained. The Further is always something fans are looking to explore deeper in the films. Same goes for the theme of astral projection as well.

The trailer starts by introducing a young girl who recently lost her mother and lives with her father. She explains how she can feel her mother's presence around her still. She's talking to Lin Shaye's character about it when she's warned not to speak to the dead because when one can hear you, they all can. However, the warning is almost too late because then demons, and spirits start making appearances in the trailer. The spirits and demons go as far as physically touching and moving the young girl.

Next, the young girl is shown in the hospital, extremely hurt. The demon/entity is immensely strong and actually trying to kill the girl. It's hinted that the intense entity when alive committed suicide and jumped out of a window. Meaning the soul is extremely tortured. Because he is so powerful and really trying to take the girl with him, Lin Shaye decides she needs to go into The Further after him. Lin herself runs into demons from the past films until finally she meets who she was looking for. The strong entity literally has the girl hostage with power, it's draining her of life and strength.

Lin Shaye announces to the girl's father that it's feeding on her soul, that it's literally killing her. The girl becomes self destructive because of it. She kicks and bashes her legs until they are beaten down and broken, it's quite intense. As the trailer progresses it almost seems as if the entity possess her, making her even more violent and irrational. And of course the trailer closes out with the infamous song "Tip Toe Through The Tulips".

The main demon/entity in this film had me extremely excited. He's way more powerful and intense. He's quite rowdy and really strong. However, I think it will be cool to see the past demons from the other films as well. Every fan of the franchise definitely has a favorite demon that's for sure.

This is Leigh Whannell's first time directing, however, not his first horror project at all. The horror writer is known for his hits such as Dead Silence, the Saw films, and all of the Insidious films. I'm so amped to see his directorial debut with this film. Jason Blum, the executive producer, is also a huge name in the horror genre. He's produced films such as Sinister, Paranormal Activity, The Purge, Insidious, Ouija and more. Check out the trailer here!

And make sure you catch Insidious Chapter 3 in theaters everywhere June 5th!


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