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On the 27th February I was really full of emotion for the arrival of "House of Cards", I literally fell in love for the first two seasons, as I said in a small review I did some time ago on Moviepilot. I was there in my flat, full of expetations for a new big chapter of the greatest show I ever seen, I'm not lying. I considered it the best thing a mirror could offer, during the first two seasons I was advicing all my friends to see that thriller, that masterpiece that only a genius could give birth to.

I'll try to do a smooth review without spoilers, trying to explaing clearly why I didn't liked this season. I found myself just disappointed on the first episode, telling myself "Come on Davide, is one on thirteen. It can get better.", the intro was amazing, like a new welcome from the character we all love for his almost absent respect on anything, cinical, great and smart, Frank Underwood.

We are used to his tricks, to his great plans to get more and more power, and that's the first reason why I got disappointed, if you had not the luck to see the first two seasons please avoid to read down here.

Frank is now the president, he has the power, how could that season be slow? How can it be so boring and without any kind of emotion?

We don't know. We really don't. It seems like the writer has changed and anything will be the same again, please guys bring back the geniuses that made the first two seasons.

On the point of acting, this season is brilliant, Kevin Spacey is every year more badass, I missed the fourth wall breaking that was really often before and that became really rare on the third seasons, but when this guy acts, I always fall in love, I think I couldn't even finish the whole season without his supreme skills, we have also another great actor in this season that we never saw before, his name is Lars Mikkelsen and he did a good developed character in a great way.
The other actors are pretty the same, nothing changes, no improvements or getting worse, but those two guys up here just made me fall in love again and again.

The way the show is directed is actually better than the seasons before, I can see more art in the whole thing, more drama and more of everything that really improved the show on that side.

House of Cards soundtracks always been something good, but in this season it just got better and been one of the first things I noticed, right music at the right time, giving the right emotion that the character was feeling, the guys who made it just got it right.

Here we go, the thing I think destroyed the whole season, the writing.
Was not too bad but was not even good, they placed in a middle and I can't say the show is the same, the story was slow to watch, too easy to understand, you could always say what would happen in the scene after, that been the most disappointing thing on the show, was no more a Political Thriller, was just a copy of the first two seasons, and this is not the reason why millions of people watch this masterpiece, we expect something that will blown our mind and fascinate our eyes, something different and amazing. The real thing.
I can define the writing just slow, boring and not strong, except for some scene who were really mind blowing.

Season Finale.
Obviously I won't tell anything about the season finale, but was really brilliant and we don't really know what to expect in the future.


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