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Thoughts by: Roninjoegenji

So there's this company called Well Go USA Entertainment that showcases action films and other genres of indie films all over the world. Some have gone on-demand, theaters, and then blu ray. The good thing is there's always a way to find their content. Today a trailer was released for a new flick called Vengeance of An Assassin and I believe it was shown online awhile ago. Now it's finally getting a release on March 17th on DVD/Blu Ray & April 14th on digital on-demand. The man behind this film is the legend Panna Rittikrai who recently passed away in 2014. He was a fight director, actor, stuntman, martial arts practitioner and mentor to the badass Tony Jaa. This must be his final piece of work and my god the trailer is balls to the wall insane!! All I could think about is I can't wait to see it in theaters but since that isn't happening home will do lol. Thai cinema is was never to be considered big until stars like Tony Jaa exposed the art of Muay Thai to the world. However it was Pannna Rittikrai who gave Thai action cinema a visual voice. He started in low budget productions while doing his magic behind the scenes & in front as well. With that being said I can't wait to watch this film. It feels like it will be an epic farewell to the late action icon while he's resting in peace. There's also reoccurring an new action stars from what I've seen which is great. Definitely checkout this company when you get the chance because most of the films get fast blu ray releases, other titles are on Netflix and Hulu. Ass whoopings has become the new dialog in modern cinema just saying :-). Solid trailer.


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