ByFiore Mastracci, writer at


Columbia Pictures is pulling the 1983 action thriller BLUE THUNDER out of moth balls for a redo. The original was a solid action thriller centered around a souped-up police tactical helicopter. It starred Roy Schneider and Malcolm MacDowell. The key point of the film's climax was Schneider's contention he could fly the helicopter in a 360 degree loop; a physical impossibility.

The remake will forsake helicopters and deal with drones instead. Drones - the unmanned flying units. So basically, this film is about two guys fronting groups, on the ground with joysticks battling each other in the air. Wow, really?

Watch the original film and then explain to me how any of the story or conflict will work with drones. This looks like a method of spreading propaganda about drones and their use, especially by the government; never mind that drones will be used in the filming of the movie. That's apparently different. Sounds like a completely different film. Not a redo.


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