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So apparently Columbia Pictures/Sony Pictures Entertainment are now developing a remake on the 1983 classic that holds a special place in my heart. Ladies an Gentlemen that film is called Blue Thunder and it centers around a high tech helicopter designed for urban warfare an law enforcement. So it seems the new version will focus on drone technology. My first thoughts to this was hell yes!!!! Absolutely because I felt like there was so much more to play around with in this adventure. This story could benefit from an update but don't be fooled, the 1983 film still holds up. In fact the story was so unique that there was a short lived tv series created as a spinoff in 1984. It was extremely awesome too because the idea of a squad using the chopper for different missions while advancing the tech was fun to watch. I recently just bought the blu ray of the original like a month ago so when I hear this news I can honestly say this is something I want to get behind. The exciting questions for me are who's going to write & direct? Who's going to play Frank Murphy or will there be brand new characters? Who are they going to cast? Who's going to work on stunts an action set pieces? Are they thinking of a franchise with this classic? Who's going to compose the film score? Could there be a new tv series? I wonder if fans are begging for a collector's edition from Shout Factory after hearing this news? :-) yeah this is exciting and it could be good or it could suck but the bottom line is no matter what I still have the original film :-) oh and what if it's a remake set in the same universe as the original sort of like a semi sequel? To those who haven't seen the original do yourself a favor and buy it trust me. Overall I'm curious to see how this turns out.


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