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So I'm writing this post for the contest that's going on right now, but this is also something that I've been wanting to do for a while; don't get me wrong, I love the Avengers, but there's always room for improvement, right?

Now to start things off, I'm going to start with the "Big Three", Iron Man, Thor, and of course, Cap.

1. Iron Man/Tony Stark

My choice? Robert Downey, Jr.

Yes, I know, that's not a recast, and you're probably wondering why I'm listing someone who's already cast. Well in my mind, why fix what ain't broke? RDJ is perfect for the role, I mean, he practically is Tony Stark, and on top of that, he brings something to the role that makes the character very real.

That being said, this is a recasting article, so, if I must, I choose Wes Bentley.

For one thing, he would bring a younger actor in on the part, which is important, because, though it's hard to accept, RDJ is getting older. He won't always be able to play Tony Stark. Secondly, he's a decent actor, but third, and most importantly, he looks the part. And as we all know from the Hunger Games, he can pull off a beard (although, that beard was nuts, so not exactly the best example).

2. Thor

Once again, I think Chris Hemsworth is absolutely perfect for the role he's been cast in. But once again (again), the purpose of this article is to recast the Avengers, not talk about how they are already, so, without further ado, I choose...

Amber Heard.

Yes, I chose a woman. Yes, I know that Thor is a man. Allow me to explain. As you may (or may not) know, Marvel Comics has recently changed Thor's character to that of a woman. Recasting Thor as a woman would bring a fresh change to the MCU, along with a lot of story potential, not to mention some more diversity.

As far as I'm concerned, Amber Heard isn't the best actress, and at this point, we're not really sure what the female Thor even looks like beside the fact she's blond, but all that aside (just to echo what I said earlier) it would be an interesting change, it would keep up to date with what currently going on in comics now, and it would add some diversity.

3. Captain America/Steve Rodgers

Just to be completely honest, I never really liked Chris Evans as Captain America, mostly because, while he looks the part, he's not that great of an actor, at least in my opinion.

That being said, I'd really like to see Chris Pine (yet another Chris) take over the reins as Steve Rodgers.

Pine is a great choice, mostly because he's a phenomenal actor, but also because with his bright blue eyes and blond hair, he looks the part, and he would do it quite well.

4. Hulk/Bruce Banner

This was a hard one. Bruce Banner aka the Hulk, has changed different over the years, and this makes casting difficult. Even still, I came up with a solution.

I present to you, Matthew Grey Gubler.

Honestly, I think he's perfect for the role. If you've seen Criminal Minds, then you will know him as Dr Spencer Reid. But, put on your Hulk goggles, and you will see Bruce Banner; he does the 'awkward science-y guy' thing really well, he looks the part (although I've never seen him painted green, so I don't know how he'd look as the Hulk), and he's a pretty decent actor. A good choice all-around.

5. Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff

This too was difficult. Scarlett Johansson plays her role very nicely, and she looks the part. I also wanted to recast the Black Widow with someone who is legitimately Russian, which would make the performance more authentic, and would go back to the roots of the character's roots in a very real way.

It wasn't long before I came across Margarita Levieva.

Levieva was actually born in Soviet Russia, so she speaks Russian, which would be a major plus for the character. On top of that, she's a pretty good actress, and with a touch of red hair dye, she would make a great Natasha Romanoff.

6. Hawkeye/Clint Barton

Stephen Amell.

Done laughing yet?

Okay, good, now I can explain. Let me just say, I chose him half-jokingly; he already plays one highly-skilled archer already, after all, but believe me when I say that the other half of me is deadly serious. Stephen-Amell-staring-you-in-the-eye serious.

He is a great actor; he can do serious vigilante, shallow playboy billionaire, and witty (a very important skill in order to play Clint Barton). Needless to say, he looks the part, and also, needless to say, he has already proven his prowess as a bad, leather-clad archer.

I'm going to stop there. I know that a host of new characters have (possibly) joined the Avengers, based on what we've seen from the trailers for Age of Ultron, but seeing as the six mentioned are the only noes who we've seen as the Avengers, and also knowing that we don't even know which characters have or have not joined the Avengers line-up as of AoU, I'll leave it there.

I hope you enjoyed this article (and I hope you agree with my choices). Peace out, Auf wiedersehen, adios, bon voyage, and goodbye.


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