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As the editor of Marvel Comics would say, good afternoon True Believers. I've got a very special expose for you today. This reporter's done some serious research and as such, I've managed to unearth the casting information for probably one of the biggest films ever attempted in the 20th century. Some of Hollywood's biggest stars will be portraying Stan Lee's team of Superheroes known as The Avengers, in a two hour long crimefighting extravaganza. I know you're excited as i am so without further ado, read on for the list.

Col. Nick Fury: Leader of Shield- Sterling Hayden

Backstage photo, Hayden forgot to put his patch on
Backstage photo, Hayden forgot to put his patch on

Meet the original American Hero of World War Two. Fresh off of his role in Doctor Strangelove, Hayden's offered this role given the fact that he IS NICK FURY. In Doctor Strangelove, he smokes cigars, he's a veteran soldier, and he's hilarious. Jack D. Ripper didn't take any s**t from anyone. Aside from his tough guy reputation that he already had, Hayden's own World War Two service record is identical to Fury's own war record. He fought with the US Army, then the OSS, para-trooping across Eastern Europe and participating in air rescue squads all across the European theater. He's perfect for The Leader of Shield.

Thor: Prince of Asgard- Peter O'Toole

Coming off his noble, virtuous, gripping, oscar-nominated performance as T.E. Lawrence in Lawrence of Arabia, Peter O'Toole is offered the role of the God of Thunder thanks to his comic-book worthy looks, his well-measured, British, speaking voice, and his soldiers' build. He would nail ANY medieval role he was handed. And his status as one of the nicest guys in Hollywood will provide a hell of a chemistry between the cast. Thor is a role well-earned by Sir Peter.

Captain America: America's First Super Soldier- Steve McQueen

After The Great Escape, Steve McQueen put the cool, in "The Cooler King". But beyond Mr. McQueen's coolness, he's got a hero factor too. That motorcycle scene in the great escape could easily be reshot with Steve McQueen in a Red, White, and Blue Uniform and we've got probably one the most heroic scenes ever caught on film. The Cincinnati Kid would be able to take down a hangar full of Nazis, shield in hand, with his eyes closed.

Iron Man: The Iron Avenger- James Garner

Forgot to mention the Playboy Part: Exhibit A
Forgot to mention the Playboy Part: Exhibit A

As the only other American in Stalag Luft North, we saw James Garner's hero factor as well. But what sells Garner as Tony Stark? He's charming, he's suave, and, as we'd see a little bit later when he played Jimmy Rockford, he's smart as a whip and wants to use his money for good, to become a hero. Garner could really give some meat to that role, that's why he's being offered the role.

Hawkeye: The World's Finest Archer- Warren Beatty

He just don't care.
He just don't care.

Warren Beatty has made his living playing tough, no-nonsense characters in pretty much ALL his movies. He's shown that he can absolutely play a character with a checkered past, and the man know's his way around an action scene. That's Hawkeye wrapped up into his essentials, so that's why Beatty's being offered the role.

Black Widow: Super-spy and Seductress- Diana Rigg

Where do you think Scar-Jo got her costume from?
Where do you think Scar-Jo got her costume from?

She's been on Britain's spy show The Avengers, for a full season now and Ms. Rigg has portrayed that female super-spy to near perfection. I hear Black Widow was drawn after the artist watched her for the first time. Emma Peel's stealthy, skilled, sexy, and a fantastic shot with any weapon you put in her hand (not that she needs one to take you out). The producers of the film offered her the role based on her performance as Mrs. Peel alone, but this reporter has a feeling that she'll be in a James Bond movie sooner than we all think.

Bruce Banner/The Hulk: The Man and The Monster- Bill Bixby

I don't think the star of My Favorite Martian would be anyone anybody suspects to have a big, green, muscular alter ego. Bill Bixby plays the nice, nerdy fella so well that he's a shoe in for the part. Here's hoping that he's able to play Bruce Banner for a little bit more after the movie, maybe in a TV Show sometime in teh next decade. As for Steve Reeves, this guy IS a beast. Paint Hercules green and you have an absolutely perfect Incredible Hulk. I like forward to watching him kick some serious behind on-screen.

And, battling them as your terrifying villain for the evening...Loki: God of Mischief- Donald Pleasance

Yes he will have a wig!
Yes he will have a wig!

That's right, The God of Mischief, that terrifying, hilarious, conquering Meglomaniac, will be played by Sir Donald Pleasence, the man who would play one of the most famous villains of all time, Ernest Stavro Blofeld. He'd be terrific as that calculating, diabolical, conqueror that Loki is, but he can also showcase that wonderful batcrap crazy attitude Loki's famous for. He'd a perfect villain for these Avengers to face.

That's about all we know here at the The Moviepilot, keep your eyes peeled for the next issue for info on this thrilling new superheroic adventure.

Directed by Stan Lee, Produced by Marvel Comics, Due out on May 1st, 1965

Would you want to see this summer blockbuster that could have been from back in the day? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Excelsior!!!

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