ByJerry Bennett, writer at

Wow every since the day of the pilot this show has been going with super strong momentum. Last nights episode felt like a season finale. The episode starts one year ago the night the particle accelerator got destroyed. Then we're introduced to Mardon brothers as we see the introduction of Waether Wizard. Jump to the present as we see Barry & Linda hanging out and we get to see Iris & Eddie too. There's a bit of tension an fun between the 4 but you can see the direction of their paths clearly. Central City is now starting to feel like Starling City as the stakes are getting higher, and now a murder mystery has taking place. Mark Mardon goes on a one man war trying to figure out who killed his brother? You guessed it he uses his powers to make a personal point to all that gets in his way. Later on at STAR Labs Dr. Wells and Cisco get more close than ever over a Buster Keaton movie. We learn that Dr. Wells knows more than we think he does as he questions his student about his family & the things he had to do. Now The Flash is on the scene leaving his friends to awkwardness to do his heroic duties an here's the kicker Barry sees himself in another time zone. On the detective side of things Eddie reveals the recording of the dictation system, where it's clear that Mark Mardon is heard threatening the Coroner. We also learned that Joe West killed his brother. Now Barry & Joe go to STAR Labs where the team comes to the conclusion that the Mardon Brothers managed to get the same meta-human powers during the explosion. Now Cisco revealed he was behind the massive mechanism that would be used on Mark. There's so many emotions because Barry reveals his identity to Iris, Joe has been captured, Cisco meets his fate and the big question about Dr. Harrison Wells has been answered. Reverse Flash/ Professor Zoom is among us. Cisco met his fate for now. The Flash is trapped in another dimension after hitting his hyper speed. It's safe to say this is what comic book fans have begging to see and CW writers & producers really are elevating the source material in fresh ways. Shoutout to Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti & the rest of the team. What an amazing episode wow! Speechless.


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