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I'll give you three good reasons why this is a good idea. 1. heroines are in. From Katniss to Bella these starlets paved the way for movies like Lucy and Divergent with a total box office grossing in the billions. 2. What kind of example are we setting? When Snow white is a moocher, Cinderella is looking to marry up and Rapunzel waits in a tower till a prince comes to rescue her. With no attempt to save herself. Today no one needs a rescue cause girls kick ass. 3. Sex appeal. Thats right, I said it. These days a pretty face can carry a film. Boys from 16 to 21 will be lining up to buy a tickets to gawk at their favorite starlet for an hour or two. And with that being said here we go.....

The Female Avengers

Nick Fury

For Fury I'd go with Cynthia Addai-Robinson from the CW's series Arrow. where she does a phenomenal job at playing Amanda Waller. Which is pretty much DC's Nick Fury anyway. So we know she can do the part.

Captain America/Steph Rogers

My choice for the Avengers Leader and super soldier recipient is Alice Eve the star of she's out of my league and Crossing Over. Here's a an interesting anecdote Miss Eve was the only thing keeping me from walking out on Star Trek into darkness. Which is cool if you try not to think about the fact that she will eventually grow to be that old chick from Wrath of Khan.

Iron man/Toni Stark

Now I know what you're thinking "Oh my god its that girl from Victorious." But Robert Downey Jr is one tough act to follow. And other than being on Nickelodeon Elizabeth Gillies did Broadway musicals and we know from prior roles she can talk a lot of smack when it comes down to it. I think she play an awesome Toni Stark. Pretty face too.

Thor goddess of Thunder

My choice if it wasn't already super obvious is Ronda Rousey from the Expendables 3 and UFC. She's a perfect combination of hot and ass kicking. She's both beautiful and can kill you with her bare hands. Double threat.

Hulk/ Danielle Bruce Banner

I'm going with Jennifer Garner to play the iconic role of The Hulk. And after playing Electra in both her own film and Daredevil she should have no trouble playing the role of Banner. This girl can act her butt off plus we can always smack talk how The Hulk is sleeping with both Matt Murdoch and Batman. Its a win win the way I see it.

Black Widow/ Agent Nikolai Romanoff

Robbie Amell as Agent Romanoff would be Epic! As Black Widow Scarlett Johansson was extremely hot so I needed to follow suit but as a man. And as far as good looking guys are concerned Amell is in no way ugly. Oh, BTW Robbie isnt in anyway a novice to the whole superhero game ether having played Firestorm in The Flash on the CW.

Hawkeye/Kat Barton

Jennifer Lawrence big fat duh! After The Hunger games movies and the fact that shes fired more CGI arrows then Legolas himself. So the job goes to the star we love to watch fall down stairs and take naughty selfies. All joking aside shes an amazingly beautiful actress who would only help any project shes in. Needless to say I'm a big fan. Jennifer Lawrence welcome aboard.

Well that's my pick for an all Female Avengers let me know if you like my picks below. Thanks for reading.


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