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Sigh...... Mock-Busters, I honestly don't know where to begin with this. For those who don't know what a Mock-Buster is, let me enlighten you. A Mock-Buster is a low budget knocks-off of a major film.

They're normally direct-to-video films, released at the same time the movie they're copying is released and are intended to trick you into buying it, and believe it or not ,they're people out there who actually fall for this trick, I was so close to falling for it too.

True story, a couple of years back, I was with my mom at Walmart shopping right, and I went to look at the bin for the all cheap movies. I was going through the bin and I came across what I assumed to be a spin-off movie version featuring ''Donkey" from Shrek called Donkey Xote. At first I was like, holy crap, when did they have time do this ? Because at that time the Puss in Boots spin-off movie was coming out and I thought that a spin-off 'Donkey' movie would be just as interesting.

And I thought it was related to Shrek and for some reason I was so stoked to buy this ! I honestly thought it was a spin-off film because of the similar appearance to Donkey, oh god was really I fooled, I'll post the picture below so you can see for 'ya self'.

See what I mean? That looks exactly like Donkey, I almost bought this movie, then I realized it was a knock off, the guy in the far left gave it away though. I just laughed it off and put it back in the bin .

See how easy it is to fall for these films If you're not truly paying attention ? But you'll pay attention to these 5 Mock-Busters you won't believe actually exist, starting with:

1. Sunday School Musical

What do you get when you put High School Musical and Sunday school? welp.. you get SUNDAY SCHOOL MUSICAL..

2. Metal Man

This what happens when you mix together, crack, ant-man and metal you get this sigh....

3. Tappy Toes

Jesus Christ....

4. The Amazing Bulk

YOU NEED TO SEE THIS.. probably one of funniest out of the list.

5. The Little Panda Fighter

I can't hate on this one...


Which one did you dislike the most?


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